CHEATERS Top Ten Signs of Cheating #6

#6 – Extravagant Purchases

Turns out there are recession proof advantages to being the other woman. Men are spending 22% less on their wives this Christmas than they did five years ago. Men haven’t stopped spending on their mistresses though, according to a survey conducted by the worst-idea-ever-for-a-website and the world’s favorite infidelity service,

“During tough times, a mistress might be what a man feels he needs to sustain himself, so he’s not going to cut corners there,” spoken by Noel Biderman, president and founder of Ashley Madison.

It turns out that men and women are much more likely to cheat when there are economic strains in the family, according to Biderman. “It’s hard to be intimate with your partner when you’ve been arguing about money, so it’s more common during these times for someone to start look elsewhere for that intimacy,” he said.

So here’s the Cheaters Top Ten Signs of Cheating #6: Men tend to buy their mistresses luxurious gifts, like lingerie and spa trips (according to the survey), so look out for any extravagant purchases they’ve made recently. The men know that the mistresses are feeling a little left out during the holidays so they’re going to make up for it the only other way they know how by buying her stuff. Same goes for women; they may not buy their lover a spa trip but they probably will spend some money on them. Look out for any suspicious purchases. Ladies, if your man is shopping at Victoria’s Secret and you don’t have any of that fancy stuff in your closet, he’s probably cheating on you. Men don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret for their family and if they do, I think you might have a bigger problem on your hands. So keep an eye out for any suspicious receipts. What he or she buys can tell you a lot, especially around the holidays.


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