CHEATERS Top Ten Signs of Cheating #4

#4 - Isn’t As Affectionate Anymore

So you pretty much have no sex life, your partner hardly ever touches you anymore; sound like your life? You might be with a cheater.

People release a hormone called Oxytocin when they touch someone and it is a safe, welcomed, and pleasant touch. This hormone makes people feel good. So try initiating the touching and touch them. Maybe they are always the one initiating physical contact and they want some love from you. Give them a long hug and kiss. See how they react. If they pull away and are not interested in hugging and kissing you, I would definitely read on to my next tip.

Start going to work events with your partner. 56% of people cheat with their coworkers. It’s the only other place where they spend a lot of time at, besides home (or school, if applicable). You can check out the people your partner works with. Some of your partner’s coworkers may even drop hints at what your partner is up to when you’re not around. Try to friend some of his coworkers so you can get the inside scoop on what’s going on when your partner’s at work because if your partner is cheating on you, there is a strong possibility they are cheating on you with a coworker.

The same goes for friends. Start hanging out with your partner and his/her social group. If your partner isn’t cheating on you with a coworker, they are probably cheating on you with someone they hang out with. Again, same goes for the social group, friend one or a few of your partner’s friends. You might be able to get some information out of them.

Cheaters always leave a trail. You just have to find it, or in this case, someone that knows the truth about what your partner is doing when you aren’t around.


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  1. marley says:

    Ive read all different things lately or in past 8 years . None ether in my boyfriend of 8 years or more can ecplain to why . Wen we met yes he had his own commision unit and his son with him . And I have my 3 kids and have now owned my house the past 3 years . In these 8 years this man my boyfriend had bought me rings etc but the last 4 years or mostly 2-3 now he dont buy a birthday present or this realy isent the issue . Its hes always been like hes argumentive and I mean if my child dont wash a dish hell go on about that for hours untill hes goin on bout y family and just about anthing in life thst no body would say of . As isent really no reasons for this . But to cut it dhort . The hole entire 8 years practically hes said he wsnts to move in with me and says what sll males ssy at times . But its alwats been like iff I dont agree with sumtjing very small that I no is actually wrong . Or rediculous . Hell yell and sling up my family or as saida childs not foin sumthing almost as I uts really a problem he has menrally or a excuse . As he takes off more often but akways has over similar or above things Ie just saidof. Yrs I no as iv read alot over years I should not leave the door or myself like a open door or nothing forr if he has the atention he wants then abandons kind of thing . Like he nos he can come snd go and yes abuse wen he likes and can come back as likes . Its sumtumes 2-3 weeks he wont even answer his phone to me or a text or see him . But yet I no hes at his unit or he dont realy do much really . . Im uncertain very much tho the last few months more than ever if hes got a nental illness or useing his anger n excuses as hes very angry than has been eva before for sum reason . I think or do no he does have sum anger isdues as his fsmily he has left 1-2 have said quietly thst also but none say notjing to him . I am not or havent realy ever got to no none of his family as he says he dont c them much wich he dont but does more than he says . Again thats not the isdue ether . Why would a man of this amount of years still kerp doing the ssme arguementd over 8 long years n not ansa a phone or few times has disapearef I call it for a month or so .. ? Its not normsl at sll to me or my family font say much to me dther but have said hes weird or sugested he must have another life like that o somthing . But yet if dumbody i run into or say i saw duch and such especally a msle he nos also hell ho right off . ?? As like a jalous person would but if he was jalous then i often wonder how hed ho and not conract me for so long ? It doesent make no sense no more or never realy has im just starting to stop feeling lonely and depressed or that all the time and startung to think y have i allowed him to do this for so long .? But i also continuosly wait by my phone and yes hell start in weeks with big long msgs on evrthing he wanted and say things like i dont want the same etc and i dont prove my family and my children mind u . That by telling them to fo as told or to ho away but swearing . In other eords he says its me y he leaves and wen i say well k but y dont he answer his phone over weeks to just me and hell say somyjing like totally over top of me or another arhument or just so i dont get a word in or he font havto answer just that. I useto think k hes cheating but after so long sumthing would have come out or it seems that way sumtimes but then on nother note I think hes insecure or has a problem of I do not no what . Can someone please giv me somthing to go by or look for other than wat I akready have . I am 42 years old and ferl im goinh to b still in same boat for ever . He just has me baffled and yrs iv spyed long ago and hes akeays diting at his unit wen I have did that just to ease my mind . So why is he continoudly doing this id say every 2 months or less and that is over 8 years . . r


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