CHEATERS Top Ten Signs of Cheating #4

#4 - Isn’t As Affectionate Anymore

So you pretty much have no sex life, your partner hardly ever touches you anymore; sound like your life? You might be with a cheater.

People release a hormone called Oxytocin when they touch someone and it is a safe, welcomed, and pleasant touch. This hormone makes people feel good. So try initiating the touching and touch them. Maybe they are always the one initiating physical contact and they want some love from you. Give them a long hug and kiss. See how they react. If they pull away and are not interested in hugging and kissing you, I would definitely read on to my next tip.

Start going to work events with your partner. 56% of people cheat with their coworkers. It’s the only other place where they spend a lot of time at, besides home (or school, if applicable). You can check out the people your partner works with. Some of your partner’s coworkers may even drop hints at what your partner is up to when you’re not around. Try to friend some of his coworkers so you can get the inside scoop on what’s going on when your partner’s at work because if your partner is cheating on you, there is a strong possibility they are cheating on you with a coworker.

The same goes for friends. Start hanging out with your partner and his/her social group. If your partner isn’t cheating on you with a coworker, they are probably cheating on you with someone they hang out with. Again, same goes for the social group, friend one or a few of your partner’s friends. You might be able to get some information out of them.

Cheaters always leave a trail. You just have to find it, or in this case, someone that knows the truth about what your partner is doing when you aren’t around.


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  1. kiki says:

    My ex-husband and I divorced because of his crack/alcohol addiction nine years ago. One year ago, we got back together because he went through detox and rehab…supposedly drug free now. I caught him cheating during our first months back together and he said that it was strings that he was having a hard time cutting. She was saying that she was pregnant and when the truth came out, she wasn’t. He promised that he would not cheat again but now I am not sure if I am believing it. Some of his actions (text messaging, facebook messages, taking the phone into the bathroom, etc) lead me to believe that he is either cheating again or back on drugs. He has begun to hang out with some of the same guys that he hung out with when he was addicted before. When I ask him if he is cheating or doing drugs, of course he tells me no. It could be that I just don’t trust him but it could also be that he is hiding something. I am just wanting to know which so that I can decide whether I want to hang around and marry him again or if I want to let it all go for good. We have a set of thirteen year old twins so I would be more apt to suggest counseling for us that just call it quits immediately.
    I would simply like to know and the sooner the better.
    Thank you.

    • Dimples says:

      Kiki, this does not normally get better. You already know the truth. Go with your gut. Your twins will not be harmed by the fact that he is not there. Trust me, if you stay with him and he is doing what he does – the twins will start to see/feel it also. I left my ex because my children would not have respected me for staying with someone who did not respect me – father or not – or they conform and treat their significant others the same because they buy into his actions!

      Save yourself while you are young because it only get harder looking later!

    • rich says:

      Hi Kikki,
      Get out. Get your kids and get out of there. Or toss the cheater/addict out. If you stay your children will not be seeing a healthy relationship; they will be around some seriously messed up stuff. You can not do anything for this guy. Get yourself and your children away from him.

    • bk says:

      Get the hell out…quit wasting your life. I was with my wife, she got a doctorate and was incredible for 16 years, we had an incredible young daughter and son…beautiful home I built…her friends called me Lord B because I treated her like a princess. After all the amazing life…she had some medical issues that led to Oxy addiction, then due to really bad addiction counseling and psychiatry (long story short) she ended up on Psych meds. Oxy and Xanax ended up big in her life again and eventually, she did the most unbelievable thing for the woman she was before addiction. She started cheating. After 9 years of addiction 4 out 3 in treatment rehabs….and several isolated infidelity incidents…I couldn’t do it anymore and separated from her. It was awful. We’d been together 22 years at the time. I still feel pain everyday…She has been clean of those meds for 2.5 years…but, is on low low dose bupenepherone. Anyway…she and I can’t connect. No sex, no emotional connection because I’m supposed somehow “get over” it. I’ve been to individual counseling, she hasn’t. How does a person who’s hurt get past it all?
      I tried with everything I had, I think I made the wrong choice 9 years ago when she first got addicted and then cheated many times. I would be way past it. Should have left then. Quit sacrificing your life…my original relationship was unbelievable and very rare for 15 years…after addiction and infidelity…the two of you will never be the same…and in our case, there’s no way it could get better than it was.
      Live YOUR life the best you can for YOU. That will prevail as best choice for anyone else in your life.

  2. kimmie says:

    From the first day my fiance met and we were always so close, we did practically everything together. My fiance would come up to my job at every break I had and lunch break on his days off work. After I was about 6 months pregnant he had friended this guy at work and wanted to hang out with him more and more. Well they had went out one night and didnt get home till 2am, so I asked when he got home what they did and he told me. I saw the next day that he was deleting a womans name out of his call log and I asked who it was and he told me it was a guy friend he met through his coworker. Well it didnt seem right when he told me so I explained to him that it was how you spell a womans name, (not that I was accusing) well he got slightly defensive and said it was a guy so I just left it at that but it still didnt feel right to me. I tried to explain to him that it didnt feel right and I asked if it was a woman and he still said it was a guy. Well the feeling went on about a week and so I took it apon myself to look in his phone and get the number and I called, it was a woman and I questioned her but she says she was gay. My fiance also said she was gay but why hide it? The only tine they would talk was when he was away from home or before he got home. My fiance did have a phone under my name so I seen who he called and he got mad and got a new contract for himself so I couldnt see. Since he has had that phone he has always took it to the bathroom with him and sleeps with it under his pillow and also had a pattern lock on it. I also made him an email which he did not care if I did. I had went into his email after all this started happening and I found that he had purchased male enhancement pills and just last month I saw that through his email he (or someone) was talking to a female for a one night stand. I ask him about it and he says he let someone at work use his email but he gets mad at me if I was to look in his email without asking. I do confront him that I went into his email, both times. I am so confused about what is going on and I have asked everyone around for advice but all they say is to leave him. I cant do that unless I have proof. He thinks I’m crazy but when you’ve been lied to your face about suspicious things its hard to believe things. I really need help because to this day he says he has done nothing wrong. He deleted his facebook also, he only has emails so I have no way of knowing anything anymore.

    • nancy says:

      He’s lying. Trust me!!! He’s lying. Start. yr own investigation. But never let him know u suspect wait until u have proof. A cheater will never admit to it.”

      • Matt says:

        Hi Guys,

        I have to say the reply above and the one to the previous message seem both to miss the wood for the trees!

        If you’re in a relationship where you can ask someone a straight question like ‘have you been having a sexual relationship with someone else?’ and not be sure that the answer is the truth, then that inability to trust them and have a mature conversation about that is a much greater problem than whether they’ve been having a relationship with someone else!

        Plenty of people have issues in their relationships, sometimes from affairs which occur. They manage to discuss their problems, talk it through. It’s painful, and wrong things may have been done by one or other, but sometimes it can be resolved.

        But if you don’t have the level of trust and openness to be able to believe your partner’s answer to such a serious question then the relationship is completely dysfunctional, so I would suggest that ‘saving’ the relationship is only going to doom you both to what is basically a mutually abusive situation.

        Every day you both remain in a relationship where you have such poor standards of expectations in terms of honesty and the quality of your interactions seems to me to be another day in which you are each selling yourselves short.

        People should be aiming for openness, honesty, and a relationship where they can work together with each other. Not mutual distrust, deceit and two individuals manipulating each other to try to get what they can out of the other.



        • Jorja says:

          This is the most significant message on this page- I completely agree with you Matt.
          I have been in relationships with unfaithful or dishonest people, and each time I kicked myself for not listening to the voice inside that told me, “this isn’t right”, “we don’t even know each other” and “I want more”. I think that too many people, (sorry, but girls especially) are too afraid and to hesitant when it comes to what they want and what they want to say. Is this the 1600′s? Never settle for an unsettling relationship. Be truthful and open with each other, the slightest disregard for this is reflected in a big way. trust overcomes all fear.

          • rich says:

            Hey there,
            From what you all are describing you are not in healthy relationships. Get out. Get out now. With children in the picture, you need to show them that being cheated on is not right, not healthy and will not be tolerated. If you stay in a dysfunctional relationship “for the sake of the children” you are dooming those children to perpetuate such dysfunctional situations. Get your money and your belongings and either toss out the cheater or move yourself and the kids and begin a new life. Yes, it can be complicated at first; moving and all that, but it is well worth it in the end. You are also putting yourself and kids in danger if you remain with an addict. Leave. You will be glad you did.

    • Sabina says:


      First off I want to say I am sorry for what you are going through. No one deserves to be treated that way. I do know how hard it is to make the desicion to leave someone even when everything is pointing to the fact that it is not working. And how confusing it can be when all of these signs are pointing to him cheating but he won’t come out and be truthful. What really caught my attention is when you said he was ordering the male enhancement drugs. Often the guilt that a man feels when cheating affects his ability to perform and this is why they will take those drugs because one they do not want you to find out and two they still want to be able to perform. Often times they have a sex addiction. Again I am so sorry and I hope that you make a decision that will result in your greater good.

    • Asheley says:

      Psh, he’s lying, trust me.. He’s a liar, i suggest YOU make a fake email & message him & after you do that start being flirty & tell him to meet you somewhere & see if he doe it;)Thats what i did & it worked, i caught him right on the spot, he’s using you as a jok e like my husbanddid to me.. Eventually he’ll start getting more sneaky & since he thinks your clueless he’ll do it more often. You can’t sit there & just be clueless.. You have to take charge..

      Asheley :)

    • rich says:

      Are you married or are you all still engaged? If you are married divorce him and get away from him. He is lying through his teeth. The very fact you are reading these postings, looking at the cheaters site, and posting on it yourself is proof that you know he is lying. If you are engaged, break it off and get away from him. He is not worth it.

  3. Katty says:

    my huband almost a month ago got out of jail, and about two weeks after that he got up to get ready for work and asked me to check what time it was on his phone and then i snooped around and found a video on his phone of a girl naked ,showing everything. and when i confronted him about it, he said he didnt know that was on his phone , and i said “how didnt you know this was on your phone” ,and he said cuz he lets his friends borrow his phone , long story short he swore on my life and my daughters life that he wasnt lying and he didnt know about the video…… now its Nov. 13 ,2011 , and i just thought about it and started putting the pieces together and he just called me and i asked him was he telling the truth , and he seemed hesitant and said no he wasnt lying and then he came out and said it , yes he lied and knew about the video the whole time. his excuse was he went to the bathroom while his friends had his phone and when he came to see what they were looking at ,he said they were making fun of the girl on the video (which i think is bullshit). but he never deleted the video even though he said he didnt care for the video……and he said he didnt want to tell me the truth cuz he didnt want me to get mad. (well KARMAS a *****)
    now im starting to get the feeling hes cheated or hes hiding more, cuz if he can lie about something so dumb then he can lie about anything ,right?
    so the other day we made love and after i got intobednd told him to snuggle with me, and he got mad and said NO JUST GO TO SLEEP, and i asked him what was wrong , and he said IF YOUR NOT GUILTY THEN GO TO SLEEP. so i just let him be not knowing y he was mad. so the other night we made love again and i told him i wanted to give him oral and he said ” NO , NO , NO , I JUST WANT YOU TO RIDE ME” which is really strange for me since he NEVER says no to a bj….. do u think hes hiding something or has he cheated?

    • Tina says:

      Well to me it sounds like he has cheated on you with someone else cause i never knew a guy who does not want oral from a woman because women have found out that their man is cheating by the smell of their dick or if they are wearing perfume that is not yours so if he does not want oral from you then he is hiding something and has cheated on you maybe his dick smells like another woman and does not want you to find out about it by smelling him when you give him oral so that is my opinion on it

    • shanna says:

      i would say maybe getting hi if he uses drugs any kind of drugs especially X pills are Meth anything else they aint never coming home so i would look into the drug thing first just a thought before anything else

    • rich says:

      Absolutely, Katti. He is cheating and lying about something.
      Divorce him, get away from him and make a new life for yourself.

  4. Dulce morales says:

    I think my babys dads cheatting on me because he always hides who calls him,when i found a text on his phone it said my “girl” then i keep finding marks on his back and neck and glitter that is not from me.
    I dont know what to do.i have a dream every nightabout him cheatting.

    • Dimples says:

      Leave him and move on….he does not respect you and thinks that you are a fool.

    • shanna says:

      wow i dont see marks but girl i do have those dreams that is y i am reading these comments now we shall find out we always do and Karma is a BEEEEEP

      • Amy says:

        Hey girl, im in the same boat. I dont see marks on my man but even his friends think my mans acting foul..

      • Amy says:

        Girl, im in a similar boat. I have been with my man for 6 years and he is always deleting texts, he never tells me when he works till last minute, and even all his friends tell me they think hes cheating.. Im tired of these men out here thinking we females are fools!

        • Anquinette says:

          Yeah I noticed that same thing with my kids dad. He would go to bed with his phone under the pillow every night like Wow its this serious. I have went through the phone a few times and have seen messages he has sent to women calling them boo and bae. Sending and receiving pictures. It makes me so mad but when we talk about it he would say that they are just friends. I don’t send any of my friends pictures like that. He wont leave. Im tired just don’t know what to do.

    • Chanty says:

      No doubt about it he is cheating and he dont give a damn about you or either he does and jus wants to be a hoe cause u do have those too thats why I jus say f*** a n**** they aint shit all they do is lie so its up to u to be the smart one or to be the little dumb blind blonde that cnt see that he doesnt give a got damn

  5. jack says:

    i met a woman sometime ago this year, ive been faithful, i began to grow suspicious, if another guy came around she would turn her body and stare,eyes would lite up . sometimes lite touching as if shes happy to see them, men can tell when a girl is interested. pretty much lately i noticed her work patterns are changing and not to mention her attitude. ive always felt my instincts kick in, almost as i could never trust her from the day i met her.. once i gather my proof she is gonna come home to a empty home…i deserve better.

  6. layden says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 6 years and we have 2 children together. He does not go out a lot but he always seems so suspocious. We do have sex quite a lot but its not romantic and it feels like I’m always making the first move. I am very subconcious about myself and even tho he tells me I’m fine and beautiful it feels like a lie. I really think he has the hots for my bestfriend because let’s face it she is much more hotter than me… He seems to always be picking a fight too. I don’t no if this is signs of cheating but he’s the only guy I’ve EVER been with. What should I do….

    • Mickey says:

      First of all never say anyone is hotter than yourself.And second if he’s looking at your friend he’s a loser anyway let him go.

    • Daniel says:

      Look I have been married to my wife for almost ten years and i am the same way.I am not cheating, but I think she is. That is the reason I act the way I do.Do you have new guy friends, or care more about time with your friends than him? when was the last time you gave him attention?

  7. Travis says:

    I have this girl I been with for 3 months and I ask her to merry me and she said yes since then she don’t answer my texts or call. I wounded if she is cheating on me or not. I really love this girl. Everytime I ask if i cane come see her or if can come see me and she say yes but Everytime I asked her if she on her way she say yes but she don’t show up at all. Please let me know what to do thank you.

  8. Claudia says:

    I been with my boyfriend for 3 years. i love him and all but i just cant trust him. He has lied to me before and i feel like he still dose . His always on him phone and he has 2 phone ,he dose not want to give me the number to one of them and his always putting excuses why his always coming home late. He claims to be with his kids. I dont know what to do right know im about to have my 1st baby with him. can u please give me some advice… thanks

    • Trixie says:

      you need to think about your baby and whether or not your baby deserves to grow up in this type of environment with that type of a rolemodel

  9. Kendra says:

    You girls on here who all say he’s put a lock on his phone he doesn’t want me doing this or doing that. I Can’t get into his e-mail without permission, and so on and so on. I mean why do you even have to get on here and ask people you don’t know if he’s cheating. You know he’s cheating you just dont want to admit it to yourselves. I have been married ten years and if my husband did any of those things like sleep with his cell phone under his pillow, that would be it. Don’t be with people who are gonna treat you like that, I love my husband so much and he loves me and I couldn’t imagine staying with him if he was to do all those things. Open your eyes girls, your smarter than that.

  10. b says:

    My husband cheated on me and a friend told me and when I asked him about it he said she was lieing and he denied all of it and lied to my face about it what can I do to find out the truth from him

  11. leticia says:


    • Trixie says:

      the man is obviously cheating. for some reason your mother is in denial or just allowing it to happen

    • Hanna ban says:

      I have been married for a year and 6 months and I feel like my husband is cheating he has made plans to go to another girls house that he just met but said he wasn’t going to when I saw it and hes been texting and calling a bunch of other girls when im not around and talking about sex with all of them he said im crazy and to leave it and when he for out with friends I stay home with our two kids he dont get home till 4 or 5 in the morning and I don’t know what to do

  12. Marcus says:

    My wife waxed and didn’t let me have sex with her fore more than 8 weeks! She is cheating and we ar going to divorce soon. Am glad I told her she cheated me on her face!

    • Dr Love says:

      Yeah bro, she sounds dodgy but I’m wondering how she cheated on her face. Did she do something without her face knowing it?

  13. masanita123 says:

    my husband cheated on me with his co-worker at his job see I had a feeling hat was goin on the whole time he will go to work earlie than usauall.then he had a ipod that had free texting on it wish with that is were he will be texting his mistress so lodays when you have a feeling about please go with you’re instict 99/percent of the times you are right ..but is better to find out know than later not easy when you find out but know that you dereaved the best weather is a man or a women ..we need to value our self ..

    • andrewatsma says:

      hey i have been with a girl who i love with all my heart for ten months now we have had some trust issues with each other but worked them out at the given time now we are engaged we changed our Facebook status and everything now she is telling her ex bf from NYC that its a cover so guys will leave her alone and I’m her kinda ex bf, she also changes her passwords on me all the time and its killing me and makes me feel like I’m not human its scary i admitted to her i was talking to a few other girls and i have stopped given her all my passwords to all sites I’m on and i always check in with her and i am trying to reconcile our relationship she says she does not trust me that’s fine but how could i go about to ask her if shes cheating now cuz i don’t want to be a hypocrite, cuz i did it but never anything sexual. I’m very scared and worried and need some good advice I don’t want to leave her because she needs me sorry if that sounds dumb but her family does not care for her well being that make fun of her and call her fat and make fun of her and make her stay in her room cuz they think shes gross and she has lots of health problems I comfort her and her problems to the fullest extent except for me acting like a shady ass **** to her and which i feel like crap about i really love her very dearly and i messed up i just dont want her thinking im cheating and her to think hey he did it. it really sucks i want a life with her because she has made a big impact on me and my life surroundings please help me </3 ='(

  14. Eric says:

    I have a girlfriend I’ve been with for 4 months things were great between us then she started taking to this other man she says nothing is going on between them but when I was at work she called him and now has been ignoring me yet she still says she loves me I don’t know what to do

    • Dr Love says:

      You need to find out who this guy is & give him a talking to. If you find out that he has a bigger schlong than you then you will just have to let him satisfy your girl.

  15. victoria says:

    me and my boyfriend have been together for about 6 months. At the beginning everything was peachy, in some ways it still is. We moved in together kinda fast but it felt right so we went with it. Didnt have sex until we were actually a couple. I think is wrong to do it otherwize. Point being, we have a pretty good sex life.. every day actually. When i first moved in i noticed girl posters and his ex’s pictures on the wall which he refuses to take down!! and it pisses me off! He says when we sign our new lease together into the new appt he wont put them up! Supposably.. So here’s the thing, we have a good sex life but I HAVE BEEN LOOKING THROUGH THE COMPUTER HISTORY EVERYDAY.. AND ITS “Anal sex” bull shit.. quit often. He knows that bothers me! i dont mind it porn when we’re together but.. by him self, AND ANAL?? Its degrating to me. And it makes me feel like im not doing things right.. Im not sure if its my past insecurities acting up or if im onto something. but it sure doesn’t help that both of his friends are complete man whores.. and this i know because i’ve met multiple girls. im afraid that they’ll incourage him to do what they are doing… What should i do ??

    • Dr Love says:

      You need to get a handle on anal & get it fast or before you know it he’ll be making love to discarded squid rings that he finds in the garbage.

    • Hacc says:

      Look, it’s not that bad anyway and im sure he loves you and your not doing anything wrong! Everyone needs time to themselves for that type of things sometimes. just because he’s got flaunty friends desnt mean they will be a a bad influence on him, if you do man up and give it a go he might get it out of his system and all will be good im sure.

  16. davansta says:

    i have been dating a woman for 8 months. at first everything was fine but lately she has been very close to cell phone, puts the lock on, aside from that i think that there may be a second prepaid cell phone for discretion. i have found cigarette butts in the outside ash can when no smokers have been over and have previously covered the old butts. neither of us smoke but others who visit do. she insists that wind uncovered them but old ashes harden up good. have found hair of wrong color in bathroom basin and glitter that was unexplained. she had her daughter and boyfriend over, the wood stove is in living room outside our bedroom. i was supposed to be gone for work but stayed late, i exited the bedroom and found boyfriend drying himself nude outside of bedroom door and he was clanking on wood stove making noise. when i went out he claimed that he thought we were both gone, but my woman had been coughing loudly in sleep and he must have heard her. she just said he is dumb as a rock and don’t think anything of it.

    • Dr Love says:

      The old pre paid phone trick is pretty common. I know this chick who was cheating on her husband & she & her boyfriend both had secret pre paid phone. Oh & I’m a bit curious as to what he was banging on the wood stove. Also where was her daughter while the boyfriend was running around the house in the nude?

      • davansta says:

        i think wood stove was signal that he was downstairs. claimed he was filling the stove. girlfriend was upstairs, a sound sleeper.

        • Dr Love says:

          Ah, sounds like the old mother daughter team going on there bro. How’s things been lately? Are you still seeing her? Hope it all works out for you man.

  17. Sweets says:

    My Fiancé and I are lesbians and I have a very strong feeling she’s cheating – this feeling of suspicion has been for almost a year but I can’t put my hands on her to prove it, I moved here to be with her, ALL of her family is here and they all hate me. So asking them isn’t an option. EVERYTIME since her mother and I have stopped speaking when she goes over there she doesn’t call me, respond to my texts or answer my calls, always with a new excuse as to why. Even though now she has a new phone. Example – she left last night to go to her moms house, was there for about 3 ½ hours, didn’t hear from her until she was on her way to Wal-Mart (AFTER SHE LEFT HER MOMS) she said her phone was dead and she’s calling me from the car now on the car charger and this is EVERYTIME. But when she came home she said that she stopped at Wal-Mart and was looking for medicine for her mom and that was it – covered her head and went to sleep. This morning she sneaks out of bed, takes the dogs out and sneaks to call somebody (she does this a lot too) then she comes back to tell me that she’s going to get the medicine and take it to her moms. However, she left her wallet with credit cards and money at home.
    I think anything that’s going on is going on at her moms house. Or her mom has a lot to do with it, her mom is STILL in communication with my fiancé’s ex.

  18. Delmy says:

    I caught my husband on my bed with another woman when I was pregnant with out 3rd child.I left him,then few months later we got back together.After I gave birth I found a phone # in his wallet after he came back from the club.Then recently I went thru my home phone call logs and found out that he’s been calling my brother’s wife’s work and talking for hours and hours.I confronted him about it and he denied.Up until now he’s still hasn’t admitted.I don’t know what to do..It hurts really bad.der wer few incidents where my brother found out that he’s wife lied to him about being @ work..same times my husband was also gone.I don’t know what to do.I really want to leave,but I need help in doing so..I need advice.:(

  19. Tiffany says:

    My fiance and I had a tough time our first year of living together. He accepted a job in Philadelphia, being gone all week and home on the weekends. During his time home, he never wanted to be intimate. I thought it was me so I stopped eating and got down to a size 0. After leaving his Google voice up, I read some messages and discovered that he was messaging multiple women. One woman was complaining about not having gas money to visit his hotel room so he wired money. At this time, I was 4 months pregnant with our son. He came home permanently and promised it would never happen again. In October of 2011, I discovered he met with his ex at her place of employment and took her behind the building. He confessed to meeting her but nothing happened because he loves me. I don’t know what to do. I love him and I want our son raised with us both. He deserves that so much.

    • lili says:

      Your son deserve to be raise in a happy home, and it canot be if youre always suspicting he’s cheating(& he do)So take your kid and leave

  20. One-Love says:

    I have been married for almost a year and about half way into our marriage i had to move 2 states away to provide for our family (my Wife and our Son) sense i have moved up here i know she has cheated on me with her Ex once already she has told me so but im affraid she is cheating again not with him but in general our son was born in febuary and this happened just before he was born but now she is texting and talking to me less and less im affraid that its because there is someone else here are the signs please tell me what is going on or if im over reacting
    1) Texting and conversating less and less.
    2) doesnt send or even want to send pictures of herself (fully clothed) or our son when she used to send them almost every day.
    3) Wont bring our son up here to see me when she comes up (Says she needs a brake and she wants me to herself)
    4) gets upset or avoids the conversation when asked whats she doing or where shes at when just trying to start a conversation.
    please help me there are the main reasons but there are a few smaller ones to i hope im over reacting but i need to know please tell me

  21. Jamie says:

    So my girlffriend and I have been dating for over 2 years. We’ve always been extremely close, but as of late she’s been distant, and hostile towards me. She spends more time away from the apartment. She thinks im stupid because she tried telling me shes on her 3rd period for the month because of her birth control but i know thats BS. Someone please respond with some insight or advice. Thank you

    • Ritty says:

      Jamie: if she has nothing to hide, and you’ve been so close for 2 years, then she should be comfortable letting you go with her to the Dr…. she SHOULD go to the dr with 3 periods in one month…

      • darlene says:


        • jes says:

          there is such thing as multiple periods in a month, its either due to a medical condition and or can be from the depo shot, but not generally from the pill, the pill you wont start your period until the week of placebos. Either way she SHOULD be going to the dr if thats the case…Im a nurse and have had family members that bled 3wks out of a month, one from depo and the other had a uterus problem, both went to dr… dude if you live together u can always check the pads in the garbage to be 100%. Nurses have to check diapers for people they dont know, so if its your girl I dont think its gross

  22. Tyler says:

    Well my girlfreind of 3 years has been going out for the past three weeks almost every night around the same time which bothers me because before she goes out she will tell me she is tired and going to bed.I will call and text for about an hour and a half to two hours before she will text me only saying I’m home.when confronted she says that she was out with her friends.she always hides her phone and I am always being told how annoying I am because I ask her about it alot.aa man I feel as if I should take control of this situation but everytime I try sheblows up on me and then I feel bad for accusing her.I cannot sleep anymore because I have constant nightmares of her cheating on me.what do you think is going on?

  23. daphne says:

    I have benn with my man for 10 yrs and yes we had a bumpy relatonship all of a sudden he decides to leave me he wld rather sleep on the couch with the dogs than meplay with his bird instead of me I want to know who he is seeing cause he has been lying to me we arnt even divorce yet and I have always been faithful to him just isn’t fair

    • Dr Love says:

      So, he like playing with his “bird” hmmmmm. Well I guess a “bird” in the hand is worth 2 in the “bush”

  24. Kyle St.Clair says:

    My Girlfriend and I split after she said she needed time to find herself well that was an excuse to move her childhood sweetheart in. He turned out to be abusive so she put him out.
    We ended up getting back together but Only I was under the impression we were exclusive because she was texting, Facebooking and having phone conversations with Random men.
    Is this just a woman who just craves any attention? She told me she does it when she gets bored but then when she was supposed to be doing homework she was out on a date with one of these guys. I love her very much but I keep coming out on the bottom. I do not know how to approach her as far as possibly just letting me move on because I can’t take the dishonesty anymore.

    • Dr Love says:

      Sounds like she’s had more guys than I’ve had hot Sunday dinners. You should leave her & get out amongst the chicks. Do them all bro, do them all!

  25. Deedee says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. I recently found him on datehookup a website. His best friend is on there to. When I confronted him with it all he could say was it wasnt him. Pictures dont lie though. He constantly says Im crazy and tries to make me feel bad about myself. I dont know what to do. Any advice is accepted

  26. Mrs.Scott says:


    • jes says:

      Sounds like a married man to me, hopefully you told her you two have been together and plan on moving in together, if she is nice maybe yall can meet him at the same time…Ive done it b4. you may not be the one picked but you can get the answer you need

  27. vickie says:

    i beleave my husband is cheating on me w/ a co-worker and has been for quite sometime now i know this because his manorisims has changed the things we use to do together we don’t do any more ect and when i ask him about this woman he gets very defencive and at time mad w/ me for asking or speaking her name so i asked him streight out was he cheating on me and he would not answer the ? but i feel very strong about my convictions on this matter this woman has offered him money and other things i found out and he just plays this subject matter off as nothing tell me what do you think from from some of the details i told you…thanks

  28. ken w rousseau says:

    Dear Allie, My wife has admitted to cheatin on me once before, but i suspect she is up to no good again. If i question her she gets extremely madd..I have forgiven her but she is making it hard to trust or forget about..She goes on suppose weekend trips w female BFF and im expected to trust her, yet on occasiion when i go to kiss her ,she kringes or turns her face to allow me a kiss on check only..she has taken me off her friends list on facebook and wont add me back on…Keeps her phone on password lockdown so i cant read texts etc..I need help or clorsure..What signs should i look for..please help me..Sincerly ,ken

  29. marie says:

    he has a girlfriend but we have been together for a few months now..we are in love but there is one problem…she is pregnant and he lives with her and her family….he is a gentlemen so he wont just leave her..i dont want to ask him to choose because he very well might choose her because of the baby. i dont want to lose him… i love him so much

    • Ritty says:

      he needs to choose. it’s not fair to you, her, or the baby. i recommend you choose for him by leaving. you can do way better. never a good idea to date somebody who has a gf/bf already.

  30. A broken heart says:

    I ‘ve been with my wife for nine years. We married at a young age, we have to wonderful baby boys. I love my family with all my heart my wife and children are all I got. In ever thought that I’ll see the day that my wife would CHEAT on me. She leave all hours of the day & sometime not coming home at night.the old me would not be on this damn computer crying bout where this beeeeep @ but, hey what’s understood should not be explained ( bullshit ) that’s what she says when she high. I started my own investigation and what do you know it was SUCCESSFUL unfortunately, when that bitch boy around she avoids me .when hex is gone she fucking my brains out. She quick to say I got to make moves bullshit… What type of mom only spends three hours out of a week with they kids and that is at the show. She say I love you but not in love with you… Soo I up graded to operation take that bitch down mission one….. Never settle for less can’t beat em join em fuck it…..

    • Dr Love says:

      Cool! Can’t wait to hear how “operation take that bitch down” goes! Please provide regular updates on your progress here.

  31. lilly says:

    I have been dating a man for 3 years. We are engaged and waiting for his enulment. I recently caught hime with porn and looking at younger sluts in bikin’s ect on the internet. He has even check out a dating service. When I confronted him about it. He was furious and called me nuts and said If I believe all that than I am nuts. He finally admitted to it.He has gone out a few times with his friend “Jerry” for pizza because he stops in town now and then. But I can never find him cheating even though he has looked over and over the same photos as these sluts on the internet , like I am not good enough to look at even though he says I am beautiful. He insits he is being truthful after being caught with porn ect. But I still have this feeling. Am I just being paraniod or could he be really trying this time. Any suggestions? Well I am going shopping on spy stuff thats for sure.

  32. destiny says:

    Hi everyone I have a similiar situation my husbands work hours have changed & I’ve been lookin at his history on his phone & I find he’s been lookin up porn & he dnt want sex from me no more & when he does its maybe one time a week & when I confront him denies it & gets really mad ….. plz help dnt kno wat to think

    • bethany says:


      Tht is a man thing, im 21 & i have been with my fiance for 3 yrs. When a man is lazy they beat off & watch porn while doing it. When they want a quick easy nut thts wht they do. I use to feel the same way & my fiance actually had to explain this to me.

  33. tynia rose says:

    I’ve been with my bf for almost 2yrs, he works 2 jobs and my family been butting in our business so he moved out.

  34. sara n says:

    My guy had sext in his phonr from the girl he list his v card to then started dissapearing for days with work or cottages Im not invied to is trying new sex moves n showed up covered in sparkled I want to leave but he is the best Ill ever have help

  35. Reipsesse says:

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  36. same boat says:

    For all you women out there that are not getting sex from your husband,maybe once a week and maybe just like real sex,and if they are acting strange,keep a eye on them ,they are cheating somehow,if not porno,then with someone.if they seem to be getting headches every week before they go to work,but not on the weekends,that’s a good sign they are taking some sort of male enhancement pills.and they drink a lot of water before they go to work?that’s a good sign.see a lot of male enhancement pills gives a man a headache drinking more water and aspirins help the side effect from the pill. also white spots in their underwear,when you know it isn’t from you having sex.hello…oh and they can tell you they love you and your their world,ha ha.that’s just to keep you from going crazy on know them..lies are easy.most married men cheat if they can get away with it,oh and boyfriends.and it’s not us,we want sex,but they don’t think as much as them.their wrong.we have wants and desires.but we are loyal like a dog.go with your gut,if you cant prove it,and can’t take it anymore,just save yourself and move on.

    • Dr Love says:

      I have headaches & am thirsty in the morning because of my excessive alcohol intake. Also I know a lady who put gravy in her daughters underwear when her boyfriend came over just to embarrass her. So I guess I’m trying to say things are not always what they seem. You’re definitely onto something with white spots on underwear though. Maybe you should be on the cheaters show as the special dirty laundry investigator. You could hide in peoples washing machines wearing SCUBA gear & quickly check their underwear before they start the wash cycle. I think your name on the show should be “The Frogwoman” as this nicely ties together references to SCUBA & tadpoles.

  37. al says:

    My girlfriend hardly talks to always yells randomly leaves on certain days didn’t do anything for our anniversary she always bitch buttons me keep getting mail with Mrs. On it or Plante family I been hurt to much and I told never hurt me if you don’t want to be with tell me and I’m gone she keeps getting pregnancy tests and we don’t have sex that much I wish I had a woman that was faithful I can’t do this I don’t ever want to know that truth I’d rather leave.

  38. AGoodManIsHard2Find says:

    Hello, I have a girlfriend of 10 years and we have a 6 year old daughter together. I’m wondering if she’s cheating on me, my first clue was the fact that we are not having sex like we used to anymore, not to mention the fact of her mentioning and smiling, virtually beaming when it comes to certain men she speaks to at work. I confroted one guy who insured me nothing was going on but she didnt take to lightly to my inquisition. I love her with all my heart, and have been trying to be the best man for my child, as well as myself which should reciprocate to her, but unfortunately she still seems uninterested in me and does not devote time nor energy to try to work for the greater good. I would personally like to invite Joey Greco and CheatersTV to take my case if possible which would deem for good TV since the place where she works have so much infidelity you would be surprised… It is one of the largest banking institutions in the US and this particular call center has seen it’s fair share of cheaters, daily. As I sit here and think I work 3rd shift for a freight company and I fear that she is not only seeing men while at work, but also inside our home when I am away at work. Please help me CheatersTV!!!

    • rich says:

      She may be. If proof is found that she is, then you need to figure out what you want to do with that. Divorce her? Try marriage or couples counseling? It is not right for children to see cheating going on.

    • Dr Love says:

      If you get on the show can you please wear a hat with a propeller on it so then we’ll know it’s you. I reckon your impassioned plea of “help me TV show” really gives you a shot at getting on the show. I’ll be watching out for you for sure!

    • Nivedita says:


  39. Mia says:

    HI! I met this guy on social site and we started chatting. He lives in Santee, Sc and I live in Augusta, Ga. He asked me to call him and I did. Then he started texting me and asking to visit me but I didn’t respond often. Finally, I decided to see him, after we met, we starting seeing more of each other. Then, we started dating. Now, it’s been 4 mouths and I’ve been notice signs of cheating and lying. I have met his Mother at a family social gathering but not his kids. When we started seeing each other, he use to text me every morning, say how much he likes me, think about me, and miss me when we wasn’t together.Now, he doesn’t do those things, I see him less because of work and overtime, too tired or money issues. We had a vacation planed but he cancel out, telling me he Miami is expensive and he gotten a traffic ticket and couldn’t afford to go. I also notice, on his Facebook page, when he post something from his cell onto facebook, the locations doesn’t match were he tells me he is. He said that those locations are not always rights. So, I got tired of lack of seeing each other and the fact that he’s not letting people know that we are together, so, I told him if he does not start improving in this relationship by seeing me and being more available to me and letting girls on facebook and those other sites that he’s someone, than we have to stop being intimate. So, he chose to stop because he wanted me to be happy. Now, my question is…was he cheating and I just providing him with a way to get out this relationship before I discover the truth? Or was I wrong to put him on the spot like that since I don’t have proof of his cheating or lying?

  40. gabriella says:

    so i went onto my boyfriends facebook, and went to archeive messages to find that he has been talking to a bit of girls and asking them for there numbers and telling them “if you werent interesting i wouldnt be talking to you” plus when i confronted him he lied about it, there was also some messages regarding he was having a “party” and that one of these girls should come, also one of the girls he asked for her number is someone who has tried breaking us up before and she has told me before and has tried to have sex with him, he has absolutely no trust now, and plus he keeps adding girls on facebook and then hiding the fact that he is. i think he is cheating on me, i get a weird vibe…. can someone help, i love him and i dont no what to do!!! plus we go to different schools, and i want to keep an eye on him from what he has done already, and lying that he has never texted those girls, also we are having a sort of “long distance relationship” someone please tell me what to do because i dont know what there is to do.

  41. gabriella says:

    so i went onto my boyfriends facebook, and went to archeive messages to find that he has been talking to a bit of girls and asking them for there numbers and telling them “if you werent interesting i wouldnt be talking to you” plus when i confronted him he lied about it, there was also some messages regarding he was having a “party” and that one of these girls should come, also one of the girls he asked for her number is someone who has tried breaking us up before and she has told me before and has tried to have sex with him, he has absolutely no trust now, and plus he keeps adding girls on facebook and then hiding the fact that he is. i think he is cheating on me, i get a weird vibe…. can someone help, i love him and i dont no what to do!!! plus we go to different schools, and i want to keep an eye on him from what he has done already, and lying that he has never texted those girls, also we are having a sort of “long distance relationship” someone please tell me what to do because i dont know what there is to do.

    • gabriella says:

      sorry computer glitched and sent doubles

    • rich says:

      Do you love him or are you addicted to him and all the emotional drama? Perhaps you need to see just how you want to feel on a day to day basis. Do you want to be happy? Yes? Then why put up with someone who, at best, makes you feel uneasy, and so far, at worst, who is cheating on you?

    • Dr Love says:

      Sounds like you need to move to his school. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on him you’ll be able to work your way through his school chums & teachers too. If you’re on birth control you should cease using it & once you fall pregnant you could make your reality show where people vote on who they think the dad is. If your boyfriend manages to be the lucky donor he wins an SUV full of hot chicks, if not you win Fran Drescher’s services as your childs nanny until they turn 18. I hope you take full advantage of this exciting career opportunity.

  42. herbert says:

    Hi, so im 20 years old and me and my boyfriend have been together almost 3 years. he has cheated on me plenty of times in the past and each time i forgave him because i love him. i have made i quite clear that one more time and we are over. i dont think he takes this seriously as i have forgave him before but i 100% meen it. his best friend is a bit of a ‘loose cannon’ shall we say. he drinks alot, ‘plays’ girls and takes drugs. i hear them talking occasionally and i have a feeling he has started taking drugs and they talk about girls they meet in clubs and things and with having no trust already for him, this makes it worse. Now i am no hypocrit for sure, but latly, i have been going out clubbing too and getting alot of attention from boys out. Now i never thought i would, but i love the attention, i feel special, like im wanted, which my bf never makes me feel like. i have started talking to these few boys in my spare time. (obv my bf doesnt know). One in paticular is asking me now to meet up with him. he is aware i have a bf but he said he likes me too much to leave it with me. i really want to meet up with him. im totally confused, why do i want this attention off other boys if i still love my bf? or am i just in love with the idea of a boyfriend and what we use to be like, before he cstarted cheated. confused!!!!!

    • jes says:

      Sounds like you love him but you already know its over and you are wanting to move on. you will feel a lot better for your self if you tell him that you just want to b friends as its obvious things arent exactly right. Then you can go out with whom you want…

    • Dr Love says:

      There’s only one way to go about this & that’s to do this new guy pronto. Make sure everyone knows about it so your boyfriend gets jealous & realizes what he’s missing out on. Please update us on your escapes here.

  43. Lacy says:

    HI..i just wanted to share my long story short.My ex husband who i was with for only a year attacked me everyday with his sick delusional cheating accusations.I am lucky i am here today and i got away,I NEVER cheated and walked on eggshells daily..had no freedom and had to watch every step or give him direct eye contact and attention when he wanted it.I was living in a miserable hell,he became so extremly abusive,controlling and his episodes of raging false accusations and delusions would last hours.the first time i left he cheated on me the very next day with a woman he met at bar and he does not drink,he is an ex addict but takes meds that don’t work.I took him back after he was seeing this woman,i was in such a low moment in life and such a mess,my brain was on off.Went through the same hell and it got so much worst,he never contacted that woman during this time,nor did he ever speak of her,it was like she never exsisted.I wasnt going to take one more bash to the head,i could not hear his psychotic screams for hours or listen to all his made up delusions in his very sick pig head.He would even say certain drinks like tea i could not drink since he said it made him think it smells like another man and made my lips puffy,one example out of 1000..didnt matter it was everything,always cheating when there was no way possible.I was able to run out and i am alive and not in jail..thank god.He called up the older woman he met at the bar several months later and she had her door wide open.she is till with him and has tried to cheat her,lies to her and contact me but i ignored continued so finally i emailed her and he won’t be contacting me again.i have shared emails with her before,she has been through hell also but stays with him.I am still traumatized,angry,ashamed this happened and had bad nightmares sometimes but have a way better life now that i value,i am very happy..i hope to those of you getting cheated on..find some value in your life and realize you deserve true happiness as for the abusive cheater psychopaths who have an obsession with their faithfull parters cheating..i hope they rott in hell!!!!

  44. ttkey says:

    Ive been with a guy for less then a year now….right when we started dating he got in contact with an old friend from back in the day. He admits to talking to her but deletes her texts and calls off his cell. They talk almost every day for hours at a time, and the other day I found photos of her in his phone.. bikini shots and posing photos. I got mad at him, he said he hasnt seen her in a long time, and what is why she sent pics ( there was about 9 of them) Is it wrong to leave him ?

    • rich says:

      Hey there,
      No it is not wrong to leave him. Get your stuff together and get your money situated and get away from him. You deserve better than this.

  45. Tiffany says:

    Hello everyone, I am not sure how to submit a question to Allie so I am seeking any new or previous readers for advice. I am 23. I have been dating the same guy for 2 and a half years. When we first got together, we started to quickly and one issue we had(well he had) was he did not feel comfortable with me having guy friends or hanging with them. Ironically, I just spoke of them often but I was on the phone with my boyfriend 24/7 and with him most times, not with others. He broke up with me a few times over it. I had left my ex for him thinking it was time we split ways. During our relationship, I have been completely honest with him, sharing when I went out with friends and with who. Early on, about a month or so in our relationship I kept contact with my ex, I still sent him inappropriate photos and I felt guilty about my action so I told my lover. Things were still bad our second year regarding my closest guy friends but still I did not hang with them. Well, this April I saw he blocked a young woman from his facebook page. I asked him about her and he initially said it was someone he used to know. I gave him the option to tell me the truth. I added her as a friend but she deleted me, likely because she seen a new photo of us that I posted. I saw on her page statuses that she tagged him which included outings that I had not known about. When I asked him he told me that he was not with her he was with his friend who they shared. His excuses didnt add up; he said she was blocked because she tagged him in photos that compromised his job; he said that she was interested in him; he said that their mutual friend kept bringing her around despite his discomfort, yet he was friends with her on facebook. When we have argued, it seems he makes excuses and tries to make me out to be the problem but my thinking is on a much different level than his. I am not stupid but I do not have concrete proof of his cheating. What bothered me as well was that when I had learned about this young woman, it was after I had kissed another guy and I admitted that yet he still kept her quiet. It seems his friends are no longer fond of me based on how they refer to me in their dialogue. Also, he claims I never invite him places but he always talks about plans with his friend, “the boys”, but never includes me anymore. I had noticed he locked his phone with number code and I didnt like it or see the reason; he has taken it off but he keeps his phone very close to him. He has also blocked me from his facebook and twitter account. I am so anxious to find out if he is cheating on me so that I can let him go because each time we break up, I am so head over hills and crying to get him back when I feel uneasy in our relationship. Thank You any and all.

    • rich says:

      Both of you have issues. You need some serous counseling. Nothing wrong with that. The guy has played with your head, as did your ex. To be fair, you have probably played with both their heads, too. This is no way to live; by playing mind games. Chances are you did not realize you have been playing mind games with anyone. This is where counseling could help you greatly. You need to get your head straight about you; what you want to do with your life and how you want a relationship to be. Meanwhile, you might consider breaking it off with this guy and not seeing anyone in a relationship for at least a year. Keep talking with your friends; they are your friends; you conduct your friendships the way you like; not the way some guy tells you to. No one owns you. Stop acting like it and you will find yourself much happier. Best wishes to you!

  46. Nicole says:

    Hi, i have been with my boyfriend for six years, and he has cheated on me in the past, and has kids to prove it. I broke up with him back in augusf, because i had proof that he was cheated on me again. I took him back after he begged me fore weeks. He gavd me.latitude, all of his passwprds and let me look through his phone anytime i wanted,anf he even started.going to church with me. He recently started a new job, and he is starting to delete messages, and when i askef him why he deleted and who was it, he says “idk” and then i asked if he talkef to any girlz and he says “idk”. Idk what to do, so please give me advice. I can’t be with someone who cheats or talks to other girls inappropriately.

    • Sher says:

      Ya’ll try this It’s from the street Either you got game or not. It’s like bullshitting anyone to get a buck or something else they want. Ive seem them play gae so well people give them 40 bucks or something to sell 4 them and they split the money . the person never gets 1/2 lucky to get any thing.

      girl got game or ya better get game!

      when your with him in the car and he looks at another chick to piss you off. Don’t look at your phone change the music and act like he’s not good enough for you to care if he looks at others. your hot and you know it. you can have any one you pick.This acction will make him feel rejected, insacure, and he will try to start a fight. act happy the whloe time your with him . smile though you want to yell sing though you want to tell him off. his fight will be he wants to go do something you hate and he knows it, or bad like drinking or harder. Don’t you have but 1 drink. Smile glow! see if he gets you loose you’lll fight with him. bam his excuse to go cheat on you. you’ll want to go home feelig bad with no game. he won. and he will drop you off maybe even call you latter very rare but has happened. see he aInt found the other chick yet. it dont have to be someone he already knows. he may just talk to her at a gas station or a friends house get hi boom. then he’ll have her # along with the others..the back seat of the car had white stripe on it from sex. he said his homeboy and his girl did it. bs like while hes driving.See I went home. He will drive like crap to get you to bitch and keep on. you stay clean happy laught if he says something stupid or confrontational .be like “yea right”. is your anwser or “your too funny”. have a good time look good and with him all night and day and afternoon bring a change of clothes some make up and hair spray.if you get the chance to shower do so but with him in there too. like a game come on dirty boy. dont wet your hair unless you can style it quick . you have to look and feel like you look so beautiful.but quick. he will rush you . you maybe at a friends motel room or house. or no shower change clothes fix makeup and hair and go.i must practic this one. it will help you with your game. dont be insiscure dont act like you care he looked at some girls and said something. laught at him like he’s a fool. dont over do it be happy but chill dont always sing and lol. maybe smile at a guy in a hot car next to you. dont always laught at him. point out dorky things others are doing and wisper with a giggle. This is what I’m going to do.! I told him you aint all that.but if I talk to a guy he’s saying if i find out your doig me wrong oh hes gonna fight its all words, i dont disrespect him and look at dudes. but i mite sometimes but i must be dressed and makeup on hair done so i feel hott and look hot. no ya dont have to dress sleezzy. dresses and skirts are great panty hose if its cold. thing hi’s. they see leg they think of sex. if you go out to the store with them no make up hair is clean but not styled in sweats no bra and tee shirt gymn shoes he wont mind but knowone will give you a second look . which you want them too so he see’s them checking you out. yes my love is cheating on me and plaied game on me for a few weeks 3 at least, I’m ready I got game. I’ll be with him everywhere. or . so im packing ive out of tote bag. See whats going on for real. Learn to record with my phone. or something for when im not in the carwith him.. im going to have game and if it hurts too much I’m getting cheaters on TV on him and catch him red handed.then go off on him about all his lies but im going to look hot when i give him a black eye! dont cry youll mess up your make up! wait till he and that chick are gone. you in a car getting asked how you feel now let some tears go. i loved him i wanted to beieve him, his mistake he will see just like my other x’s asking me back. i lead them on by phone or PC give it 2 weeks when they ask when am i comming to visit them i say you didnt rely think i was comming did you ?lol I did that for real.1 guy i did want to see agan , but he changed his mind. i got plaied but in my heart when we spoke on the phone every day many times 3 days straight about old times the good times and how we gt along so well. It was true love all over again. i felt it he felt it was a great 3 days!wrough landing ouch. ” I didn’t mean to hurt anyone sorry. on the 4th day phone call. i told him my guitar was stolen and i wreackedmy car. His Mom I tried to talk too. didn’t answer. I had spoke to his parents years afer we broke up and never did i ask about him. it was just her left now and she didnt want me in her/ or his life. see its always something car wreack gettin robbed. Looked real good. He said he needed time to think. so after 5 days i asked how long did he need to think? lol no phone calls he didnt answer if i called. no replies to my emails. It’s hard espeacially when you both felt the true love never went awy and was still there. To leave him alone , but you must or “I looked like a fool” His GF said look up the word stalker. I did and i never wrote either 1 of them again. yes I started writing her to figure out what happened and his best friend. poof over!!!! 1 thing noone can take away our memories. We had great adventures together. Amazing things 2 crazy kids can get in too. i was 24 he was 25. just days older then me. No I willl not speak to him if he emails me or calls me. memories are enough.

    • jes says:

      I always say if there is nothing to hide then they wouldnt hide, altho i myself have talked to exes b4 and deleted things just because i didnt ever want my man to think i was creeping in any fashion And I NEVER WAS. but I dont hide the fact that I occasionally talk to them, most of our convos are about whats goin on in our lives and the current new gf ya know bs. But I dont hide the fact that I talk to them. just some texts could be misconstrued into something thats not

  47. unknown says:

    hey girls so I know exactly how your feeling…bottom line men are shit
    I am around 20 years old and have been with my boyfriend for close to 2 years, I found out in may that he cheated on me for nearly a whole year of our relationship, he was actaully living with another woman…even though i’ve confronted him about it he says they never did anything together, but i know for a fact they did, i mean who shares a bed with a woman and doesn’t do anything.
    I didnt use to live with him and he use to make excuses always that he had to get home and couldnt stay the night because he had to work or had to go to gym, he has always been really secretive with his phone since day one, but im not usually one to pry so i left it. He is a different nationality to me so I was never allowed at his home as he said he was living with his sister and it was disrespectful to bring a woman home, being the kind of person i am I left it.
    He then use to leave early hours of the morning saying his sister needed a lift to work or that she needed to borrow the car.
    He use to tell me I wasn’t allowed to give him a hicki either, there was just so much he did that I should have known he was cheating.
    He use to get so over protective and didn’t like me going out or coming out with his friends and if he was on the phone I wasn’t allowed to speak. When I called him he was always busy and said he would call me back.
    Then he promised to spend christmas with me and my family and didnt turn up and said he had to spend it with his sister, and then again on my birthday he left me balling my eyes out because he had to be somewhere for some traditional thing they do at the start of each year, but he never mentioned it before and the night before he was suppose to spend with me but he chose to work instead.
    My family told me he was cheating but i confronted him and he told me..why would i cheat when im always talking about how much i hate cheaters..
    He also lied about his age at the beginning..
    I moved in with him at the start of this year and it was so unexpected, i got locked out of my house and he let me stay at his for the first time…I felt like he finally loved me enough to take me home…then i found out he didnt live with his sister, he told me he stayed with her for a while and then moved out…why didnt he tell me…then i found out he use to live with his ex whilst he was with me and i questioned him about it and he told me they had broken up and he was staying in a different room than her….i felt so uncomfortable and angry about it but i left it…when i moved in he was cruell and teased me about that i wont like him wearing this or that because his ex had bought it for him, then i was using his computer and i found a file with a girls name there and her resume, i checked the date and it aid it was edidted only months earlier, i confronted him about it and he told me she had come to pick up some stuff for the business they had together and must have edited it then, i just didnt believe it but he got angry and told me I was being silly and a drama queen and he didnt want me bringing up his past..
    But then when i was grabing something for him i noticed all her documents and some stuff of hers was in our room, i told him i wanted him to chuck it out and he always said he was to busy and would give it to her incase it was important, i was not happy, he was making me miserable…he also kept wanting me to meet his ex for some odd reason & he posted a photo of us together on fb not long after i moved in.
    Then one day i was cooking in the kitchen with him and his phone went off with a name and he ignored the call, id seen this person had called previously and it was under a weird name and i just thought it was a friend from another nationality so left it.. but then they called again and i asked him who it was and he ignored me and make jokes and i aske3d again and he told me not to worry, finally i pushed the issue and he told me it was his ex gf, i was furious why could’nt she leave us alone.
    then that night i spoke with our housemate and asked if his ex was living here whilst i was with him and she told me she was…she left around a week before i moved in with him and the first time i came to the house…he just didnt want to be lonely…he never cared he was so cruel to me…i feel so stupid…I confronted him and he still tried to deny it..he still denies he did anything with her…either way he should have been in bed with me not another woman…i dont even mean sexuallY i MEAN sleeping…
    I was ready to leave him but he told me if i did there would be no reason to live anymore and i was scared i didnt want to lose him..i love still with him today and i think its the biggest mistake of my life…he is controlling, he begged me to stay with him and told me he would make it up to me..but he hardly notices me just here to help pay the bills and cook and do his washing and cleaning…he critisises me constantly telling me I am screwed in the head, he doesnt get that im not over what he has done to me, i cry myself to sleep near;y every single night because i don;t understand what is wrong with me, i gave him everything and he still doesn’t love me enough..he tells me that he broke up with his ex gf and she wanted him back and wouldnt leave him alone and was blackmailing him, If i had known he was with another woman i would never have been with him, i told him the first day I met him when he asked me what makes me angry and upset is liars and yet he had the nerve to lie about everything…i don’t even know what to do anymore, I want to get out but he always manipulates me to stay, I have even gone to the point to start getting counselling because i feel like there is something wrong with me :(
    also sorry about my spelling and grammar, wrote it in a rant so didn’t bother with any of that :(

    I just wish I could move on I’m so young..but he has me trapped emotionally…

    • Hanna ban says:

      I had the same thing happen but like my mom always told me if a guy talks about killing them self most of the time they wont

    • jes says:

      OH Honey you must prepare your heart to move on. There is nothing wrong with you, This is what manipulators do. They try to break down your self esteem, make you feel like shit about your self, blame everything on your crazy, to the point that you start thinking something is wrong with you in fact it is them triing to do what ever they want but still have someone at home. These people are nasty, Ive been thru it,… it will NOT get better it gets worse and I bet bet he will put his hands on you too….There thinking is If you feel horrible about yourself and doubt yourself then you will feel like you cant do any better and stay with them and they continue. I would prepare to move ASAP!

      • rich says:

        Right, Jes. Sounds like the guy is a Narcissist; and there is no cure for it. He will just get worse. It would be best for her to get out; the sooner the better.

    • rich says:

      Get out of there. He is manipulating you. Getting counseling may not be bad; he has messed with your head and you need to get it straight. Get out as soon as you can. It could get dangerous for you to stay.

  48. worriedmom2be says:

    I’m 3mos pregnant with our baby. We’ve been living together for a year. Weve been arguing alot and he seems to always want to solve it with break up, although that never really happens. Our main argument is his phone, email and facebook. He doesn’t want me touching his phone and gets very defensive, frustrated, or mad when I ask him about who called or text. He says I shouldn’t have access to all that, its his biz, and the only reason I want it is so I can have control. ?? I feel if the shoe was on the other foot and I acted this way he would be insecure too. He swears he’s not cheating and there isn’t anyone else, but actions speak louder then words and everytime I let it go and try to move on about it I feel niave and like a fool. What to do? :(

  49. Joe says:

    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  50. Kayleigh says:

    Hey guys,
    i kinda need some help or advice. My boyfriend of 6 months has been acting kinda sneaky lately. like for example when he is with me he never answers his phone when it rings ,but shortly after it stops ringing he walks into another room. and half the numbers calling arnt saved into his contacts. on top of that when he does look at his phone he holds it close to his leg where i cant see it. He is always looking over my shoulder when im messing with my phone but flips on me when i even touch his phone. He also has a daughter from a previous relationship and when he goes to visit her he just sits at his ex’s house for hours and when i tell him im not comfortable with that he says “your just gonna have to get over it”. He will tell me he will be home in “an hour or so” but takes him atleast 3 hours to get home. Granted he is 21 and im only 18 so hes goes out with his friends alot to bars and drinks a bit. i sit and wonder what hes doing all the time and i cant take it anymore. i need help ! it would be greatly appreciated.

    • jes says:

      The phone thing is SOOO familiar. When I was finally able to get ahold of the phone and get it unlocked(of course not him unlocking it) IT PROVED HOW MUCH HE WAS CHEATING.YOUR MAN IS MORE THAN LIKELY CHEATING

    • rich says:

      Get away from him. He is probably cheating. Here is a tip: most men are not ready to settle down into a long term relationship such as marriage, until they are in their early thirties. No, I am not kidding. I have done the research. Also something no one ever tells us in high school; most men have a sexually oriented thought cross their minds every 7 to 10 seconds! The smart ones do not act on those thoughts. They are rare. The best thing for you to do is to protect yourself; especially emotionally. You are being played. You have better things to do with your time than being involved with a cheater.
      Something else to think about before getting married: 50% of all first time marriages end in divorce; yes, a lot because of cheating. 75% of all second marriages end in divorce. Think about it; do the math. check out various books by Dr Phil, do your research on people and relationships. Take care.

  51. beboo says:

    I am in a relationship for last 8 year’s…. And now I got engaged with him . My fiance loves me a lot .. when ever we meet he makes me feel as if we are dating for the first time. We are getting married after 4 months. But now he started ignoring me . He x not loving me the way he use to do so. He get piss over me. Even over a small thing….
    I dnt know y is he doing this,all to me ! :’(
    Before the engagement he use to listen what ever I use to say him but now he always get red over me. He has started yelling over me. Over small things that don’t go in ur those friends …. Tell me what to do guys… Help me plz

    • jes says:

      I went thru that with my ex only a bit different. He treated me like a princess until I got pregnant, then he started treating me like crap, yelling for noo reason, yelling at me in front of people, just nasty, then it got physical… It never got better, so 2 kids later I had to leave. I tried tho, we had such a good relationship until after that long term commitment of kids and YES he wanted them too.

    • rich says:

      Break the engagement and get the heck out. It will only get worse. Not only is there a strong possibility he will start cheating on you but he may get violent with you. Get out. Get out now. Make a new life for yourself. When it comes out,
      the Dr. Phil’s new book, Life Codes.

  52. kyra says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 1\2 years and have three kids 2 15months and 5 weeks in sept. Of last year I caught him talkin to a girl on facebook and pleaded with me and even erased the facebook and said he loved me…well this past july I discovered a secret facebook he had made using a fake name even said he had no kids and had some woman believing he wanted to meet her kids and take them to the park. I deleted it and changed the password. When I confronted him he cried mind you I’m pregnant with our third child at this point. I found out he had the facebook for 6 months before I knew and was also telling his ex he couldn’t stand me and only stays for the kids. He still goes and plays ball with his highschool friend but when I want to get out for a while he says I cant . Because I’m cheating. And just this morning I pulled up at his work where he was standing outside smoking a cig. And watching porn. There has been times ill go to get him and have to wait becaujse he masturbating in the break room I don’t know what to do I love him but I’m tired

    • rich says:

      Get out of there, Kyra. He is probably cheating on you. You may love him, but this is no way to live, and no way to raise kids.

  53. Helen parker says:


  54. madlover 123 says:

    Heya guys, I need some help :’(.. My fiance and I have been together for 4months ( seems a little rushed I know).. However, at the start of the relationship, we were really close!.. We got together start of september there, and in october I had a cadet camp for a week, when I first went to my fiances, we were fine, however when I went back, its been horrible, he calls me ginge “even though I’m not!.. And slaps my inner legs above my knees, anyways, he was on his facebook on my laptop one day, and left it open, he had some unread mails, so when he went out the room, I looked on, curious why he wasn’t telling me who they were from, so I seen dirty messages been transferred from him to girl vice versa. I later checked his playstation account, and found love messages from him to another girl ( sent when I was at camp). I cried that whole night, I never said anything during day, but that night I questioned it, he said he was drunk and asked why I was going through his mails, when I answered i got a reply back, with a smile on his face, and he usually smiles when he lies, but I’m not sure if its to do with the embarrasment or if he genuinely is lying or telling truth, I can’t confront him, as ill just get the same response, what do you guys recomend for me to do?, as he has been getting slightly off with me as well, going in moods, and not wanting to have sexual inter course making up excuses not to.. Is he using me for something? Or does he proper love me??..your help is highly appreciated :-) !! X

  55. Ashley says:

    I’ve been with my girlfriend for 7 months now everything was perfect at first well as good as it could get and ever since we moved she started hanging out with one of her old friends that she had never mentioned before. He comes and picks her up almost every night. They are gone from 2-4hrs and she said all they are doing is roding around d talking…she texts him all day I don’t see why a simple phone call wont work its always and excuse and she brings his personal stuff home to hold on to for him but I think its just a reason to leave. He is married and I’m not too sure his wife knows what he does but my girlfriend will leave with him even if I’m sleeping. I don’t know what to do. This is very stressful on me and my relationship. We aren’t intimate anymore I try and she says she’s not in the mood it used to be at least 4 times a month now its maybe every 2 months. I need advice.

  56. Laurie says:

    My husband and I have been married of 11 yrs. Four years ago his youngest brother died suddenly at the age of 23 just 6 days after his 23rd birthday and 2 days before Thanksgiving. My husband told me he needed to be there for his mom so I understood, I would pack his clothes, bring him money,and pick him up when he wanted. After awhile the phone calls stopped and the visits home became only for a booty call then off again to his moms. Our kids where missing him so much that I decided after blowing us off on his birthday I dropped the kids off at his sisters and told her they miss there dad and he has to be with them for the weekend. I went to pick our kids up and found out when my son said “daddy kissed another women”. I questioned him he told our son he was lying and that she was his cousin and his family supported that answer. I finally found out that she was an ex he has cheated on every women with for the last 20 yrs. Last year I had to stay at my moms for a couple of months til we found a place together his mom wouldnt let me stay there to find out through the same child that “daddy has a girlfriend that comes over or he goes over to her house with our daughter so the kids can play” Found out once again he was cheating on me,to make it worse I called his mom’s house to talk to him and she has caller i.d and called me by her name. Every year at this time my husband treats me like shit and I’m not sure what to think?

  57. yaashi says:

    what to do if after one and half year of your marriage,your husband carry his girlfriendz pic in his vallet.
    then what should a wife has to do?

  58. liz says:

    i need to know if he is cheating.

    his fone rang 3 times with the same worman’s name coming up and it wasn’t mine as i was in bed asleep at 02.15am….

  59. susie says:

    Hi …Im a 24 year old girl dating a man that is older than me by 8 years of age. One time I caught him bringing another woman home to wax his upper body, and he has always told me that she was his sister. He kept saying sorry to me and told me that he knew I would have a hard time accepting this and had lied to me. During this time he was going through a financial crisis and we were also going through a tough time, which is probably why I was a little distant away from him. He has never done this before to me, or now. I am just worried that he may have cheated on me, I know this girl but am afraid to go and talk to her, as he may just get defensive. Please give me some advice.

  60. DAT4DAWG says:

    Wife and I have been seperated for a year now , she says she wants to work it out , but is very vague in her answers to my questions .. like when I asked her what happened to the guys that she talked to while I was gone .. she said if you’re asking if Im dating or seeing someone Im not, but that was not my question , when I asked what seperated me from the other men that had approached her etc , she says idk .. but claims she wants to work things out , I think she is lying .. I went by her house and she answered the door but wouldnt technically open the door all the way or let me in .. like she had someone else over …someone please help me with this so i can move forward with my life thanks

  61. Jaycee says:

    My Wife and I have been together for 6 years, 1 married. 3 years ago she got really mad that I had a Facebook account so I discontinued it. Since that day she has had one and I haven’t. The whole time she’s had it she says she’s never on it, I chose to believe her. I told her I wanted to get mine back, she didn’t like it but she said she didn’t care. Today I signed back in and sent her a message confirming her as my wife on it… She still hasn’t changed her name on it(BTW). She got the message and came home and said I’m sneaking around, she flipped out and called me a lier and a cheat. She said she is able to have it and I’m not because I’m not to be trusted. Totally degrading… I’m 33 years old not a child… Anyone have a clue?

  62. Damian says:

    I’m 31 and having a hard time to find a decent partner, my ex was controlling and demanding and was a cheater, I’m just having a hard time trusting I guess what happens during a relationship can affect ur future judgement. Any advice would be nice.

  63. westsideproduction says:

    If I find my wife’s panties smelling well (like good pussy), and have mostly white in color discharge, is that sexual? Does it mean she’s cheating? Or maybe fantasizing? hopefully not. She also convulses in her sleep with hands gripping or pelvic thrust, even as I write it I want to believe her telling me she’s always done that. I think she has we’ve been together for 4 years, but I don’t know…then I found her with skinned knees she said because her knees were dry…damn. Can I please be wrong? Our passion was the best I ever had, but when I came home after a year being gone, it’s different. Gone for daily to three times a week and just not intense except sometimes… If she wanted to leave me she would have right? I lost my fortune so it’s not money. We have a 2 year old gorgeous daughter, maybe that? I want to believe she loves me, bc she’s so beautiful and fine and great in bed she could have anybody… maybe she’s playing both sides bc she got caught by some1 while I was gone. How can I find out for sure when we’re together all the time?

  64. minie says:

    Guys these days lie about everything and they are always hiding shit from you. All guys are the same and i know tat for a fact

  65. Wiilma says:

    Ive been married for 9years and my husband never lie to me at all. But after 19 years he saw her ex gf from my sons school this woman is her highschool sweetheart.and they starting emailing exchanging pictures, so he lied to me that they dont email each other, i confront him and he said yes were emailing but were talking about families. So i said can i see the email and he said okey later so i said one time i open his loptop and i saw this girl picture so i ask him this picture is your ex picture and he said yah but thats old and i said no this is what she looks like now so this is i told him i wanna see the picture and he ok, so were is the picture and then he said i dont have the picture she emailed it to me. So why you lie to me and he said im not im just scared to tell you that we are just one time again i went to his email and i saw the letter from the her exgf he scanned it, it email to his account and forward to her ExGirlfriend.he always telling me that he only want from her is being a friend but i ask him why you have to hide me everthing even being friend with her is you lie to me. And he keep saying that he scared to tell me that im gonna get mad and leave him.he still want him to be friends with her even though im disagree that i dont want too to her friend it because thats her ex- gf.and then he said why i cant have her as my friend and i have you as my wife he keep saying that im important to him and he raelly love me and he only want to be her there something more not just a friend that he wants it i need answer pls because i could not trust him anymore

  66. kayla says:

    I’m in a really great relationship with my finance. But I find it kind of hard to trust him. I know this sounds silly, and I wanna trust him, but I, can’t…. When he texts, he turns his phone away so I can’t see what he’s typing. Im not the jealous, or nosy type, but I kinda have a feeling that he’s doing someyhing something behind my back. And I really don’t like it. What should I do?

  67. hot stranger says:

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  68. BB says:

    I have been dating this guy for 1 yr and half and we both have social netwworks, and we are both friends on Facebook and insta gram. I’m noticing in the beinging we made an agreement to not like the opposite sexs headshots pics or any of our co workers don’t need to know us personally due to the friends where content with. I havnt done such things but he has. If this ever was to occur we would talk on an adult matter and the person will get deleted. He has had some counters on my Facebook and insta gram for months (6 or 7) months to be exact. And has told me to delete certain ppl I do with no hesitstion. But he is always in defensence mode , saying ” its just a pic” or he threatnes me and says I’m deleteing you cause you have a problem with everything.. I notice that he is a groupie liking over 10 pics on his mgrs (female) pg her face and body shots and achol jokes.. I’m feed up with him not acting fair , what should I do.. just delete him off of social networks .. these r some of his co workers and some ppl he just meets online

  69. Frederick says:

    My wife has made ZERO (0) desires, initiatives, whatever – to have sex with me for 14 months! WTF do I do??? Someone caontact me. PS: Her excsue was (is): “I haven’t that about it.” ..and no – we dont have health issues, as we are extrrmely physically fit.

    • Jasmine says:

      Sometimes were not that in to it…I feel that I’ve been in a dry spell to but I still have sex with my husband maybe you should head to your local sex store make a fave meal and maybe even a bubble bath with candle lights……if that doesn’t work she’s not that into you!!!!

  70. Lemuel says:

    Keep on working, great job!

  71. ann says:

    K,im engaged to this guy and hes babymama say they have been having sex,was workin out things,he said no when I confronted him infront of her.what uthink help

  72. kasha says:

    - I am kasha i lives in uk and i was in a serious relationship with my ex guy for three good years.. One day we were in a dinner party, we had a little misunderstanding which lead to a Quarrel and he stood up and left me at the dinner party. i try to call him but he was not picking my calls so after than i contacted my brother and told him about it,my brother so much love me that he had to see him on my behalf,he told my brother that it is over between us.. Then i contacted a friend of mine that had this similar experience and she directed me to one of the spiritual diviner ( first i thought it was not going to be possible and i contacted him i was ask to come up with a little requirement,so i did what i was ask to do, after 3 days i was in my office when my ex guy called me and was asking me to forgive him and come back to him. i was very surprise it was like a dream to me,so ever since we have been happily married with one kid my lovely baby(Ceslav)…i wish you the best of luck…

  73. Mike says:

    My gf and I have been dateing for three months and I’m starting to suspect cheating, I mean we talk on Facebook and crap like that you know the same old stuff but she’s been talking other boys and we Skype to and I looked at her and it said 5 so I was curious as to who she had on the so I suggested we trade info on there and at first she goes I forgot my password then I hear a couple clicks and then she goes oh yeah now I remember it so we trade and I look and now she only has 3 I’m sure she deteled two but she keeps saying it was her sister and cusin but I looked and she had her cousin blocked and her sister deleted Skype like a month ago and not only that but I was able to get on her Facebook one day and one message was talking about showing her self to this boy but she acted like she didn’t do it I didn’t tell her I read the message but she also has this one boy that won’t leave her alone and she tells me she hates him and I look and he is a favorite on Facebook and it turns out they talk all the time and she would tell me she is gonna take a nap so I looked at the time it was 5 so I waited u til 7 and then when she woke up I checked her Facebook and she had been talking to that boy the whole time
    I’m so confused I don’t know what to do
    Please someone help me?

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