CHEATERS Top Ten Signs of Cheating #2

#2 – Constantly Angry
So is your partner angrier with you than usual? Over the smallest things? Maybe they’re even cruel to you sometimes with their words or actions? It probably seems like you can’t do anything right in their eyes. They are constantly criticizing everything you do.

Your partner is showing you a big red flag that they are cheating or might be thinking about cheating on you. Unless you have done something bad that warrants this (for example, like insult every member of your partner’s family when you got drunk at Thanksgiving), this is a big red flag that your partner is cheating on you. Especially in combination with some of our other Top Ten Signs.

I recommend doing a little detective work to find out if you need to take further steps or if you were just being crazy and imagining things. I only recommend my following tip if you and your partner share a joint cell phone account.

Check through their cell phone records. You can usually find them online at your mobile service provider’s website. Most cell phone companies keep detailed logs of phone numbers of the outgoing and incoming calls and text messages for each phone number on the account. Note any suspicious numbers: numbers your partner calls and/or texts a lot.

Next, get on your computer and Google search the phone number. Just type in the number (and only the numbers) into the search box. Most businesses will be listed in some sort of online directory so you can rule those out pretty quickly. Sometimes, people will be listed in an online directory but it doesn’t happen too often. If you can’t find any information through a Google search, read on to my next step.

Call the number. But make sure you call from a blocked number. You can do this by dialing *67 and then the 10 digit phone number. Maybe you can find out some information either by talking to the person themselves or perhaps catching their name on their voicemail.

If you want to catch your cheating partner, you can. They can’t keep it up forever. Sooner or later they slip up. It always happens.


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