CHEATERS Top Ten Signs of Cheating #1

#1 – Emotionally Distant

Is your partner becoming more and more emotionally distant? Maybe they’re acting different, maybe even acting depressed? Sound like your partner? They might be cheating on you or maybe thinking about cheating on you.

Your partner is always preoccupied with something else; they don’t really talk to you anymore. Maybe they don’t even like talking to you at all. Does this sound like your partner? A lot of times people start to pull away when they are with someone new or thinking about being with someone new. They have suddenly found a new infatuation in their life, someone that gets them so very excited, so, they start to pull away from you. It’s called the “honeymoon phase” and most couples go through this period.

If you see some of these signs, as well as some of our other Top Ten signs, there is a strong possibility that your partner is cheating on you. However, I think that there is a bigger problem out there and it’s called denial. Most of us personally know at least one couple that has been affected by infidelity or maybe you’ve been affected by infidelity firsthand. I think we can all agree that infidelity is never a pretty situation, as documented by our Cheaters cameras. But a lot of the times, people see all sorts of red flags waving in front of their faces but they just ignore it because they don’t want to know. I’ve been there. You can’t seem to put two and two together. But it’s all just denial.

So here’s my message to all of the people who are affected by infidelity in their own relationships, BE STRONG. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of! You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who wants to be faithful to you, we all do. Hindsight is always 20/20. Don’t let yourself be fooled by someone who is double timing you. The emotional pain and heartbreak isn’t worth it. There’s someone out there who wants to be faithful to you.


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