Cheaters Season 9

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32 Responses to “Cheaters Season 9”

  1. Chris says:

    Keep it up

  2. Andeka Geoffrey says:

    I like this stuff.

  3. Robert says:

    Hey Cheaters (the show ofcourse!!). I just wanted to say hi hello from Sweden. I love your show! Only thing I dislike is whatever company/person in Sweden that negotiates with you of new episodes. We _only_ have the old ones!! We want new too!! But keep up the good work. Cheaters going down!! (the real cheaters out there)

  4. genessa says:

    oh man i love this show so much it is so cool, i wish u guys were in the bahamas we hav lots of drama goin on over here,, Love da gud wrk keep it up this is really really awesome and entertaining!!

  5. Perez Reyes-Ramos says:

    I watched an episode Sunday night, 11.13.11 with Brittany Hutchkiss and just wanted to know what season was that taped in!! I’m a regular fan and watch your show all of the time!!! I hoped somebody prayed for that boy who’s behind she was whoopin’ on!!! Now that was entertaining!!!! I’m still laughing!!!

  6. me encanta el programa de cheaters.. muy buen trabajo joey greco..

    • Sany says:

      New underwear, is he sdenduly more interested in his cell phone than usual? Track the money. be aware of his paycheck (hours worked, how much spent etc ) Check credit card bills and go through his wallet once in a while. Also, they say take notice and see if he sdenduly likes new kinds of music. If you feel suspicious there may be a reason. I hope you are wrong. Good luck.

  7. Jasmin says:

    I just want to say to anyone that if you let it go this far you are exactly stupid to believe someone could change and when they say they changed they never do. REMEMBER it’s a path they always follow with each and every one that person dates and they tell you they dont know why they couldnt stop cheating. Even though you know they are you wont confront them cause you dont want to ruin the relationship. Boy people can be so stupid and not just dump them, when you know you’re being mistreated and think you don’t know you are being cheated on. Just a little advice

  8. alex john says:

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  9. Elizabeth says:

    adoro su programa… siempre me resulta muy grasioso las situaciones en las cuales se encuentran envuelto los SOSPECHOSOS y me gusta cuando las parejas resuelven sus diferencia y vuelven a estar juntos, por que lo importante es priorisar la familia!! y el amor que hay entre ellos!!!…

  10. George says:

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    • Nisha says:

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  11. Jaime says:

    Excelente su programa,espero y hablen español,porque si no de nada valdra la pena,cada situacion que pasa es interesante y gracias a ustedes descubri que mi novia me era infiel,sigan rifando,aver cuando viene a Mexico,aca ganaron mucho mas de publico de lo normal

  12. Jorge says:

    really i like the TV program , i see this at my country Colombia; this is real and true ;CONGRATULATIONS FOR ALL STAFF OF CHEATER.


  13. estefania says:

    hola! desde argentina, quisiera saber si este programa se esta vendiendo en algun lado? En español latino o en ingles subtitulado, realmente adoro el programa!

  14. suzanne says:

    Hi I need a matured God fearing man that I can trust without question …I’m silk and tired of young men …just full of playing games ……

    • Ibtisam says:

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  15. suzanne says:

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  16. ardita says:

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  17. Tony says:

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  18. Tony says:

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  19. Richy says:

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  20. Avneet Khanna says:

    I really liked watching this show in India. Now, I don’t get to see your program anymore. Your program has helped me a lot about understanding relationship. I hope we get to see new episodes soon. All the best for your show. Hope you teach lessons to all the people who cheat their trusted and loved ones.

  21. franklim says:

    me facina su programa pero deberian pasar las caras de las personas al confrontarlos para saber quienes son y les de pena

  22. franklim says:

    deberian en la confrontacion pasar las caras de las personas para que les de pena

  23. Andie says:

    you should get cheaters (the tv show) put on NETFLIX, i dont have cable but would love to watch your show again.. but i only have netflix…. something to think about :)

  24. Montebelle says:

    I agree with Andie. Putting Cheaters on Netflix would be great. Though I watch weekly strip (reruns) . The new episodes air in my area 2-3 am . I never can stay awake Long enough to catch them and I live this show.


  25. tuly says:

    I learned a lot of tips watching cheaters, specially suspected behaviors signals in my husband that finally helped me to find him with other woman, he denied all all time and this history dont even end yet, but i have to recognize that chetaers gave me the answers i was looking for, watching every epsisode attently and cheaters gave me the encourage i eed to afront this situationt with evidences i needed to know what i want and need to know, really thanks to this excellent program now ia have my answers and im trying to decide what to do in the future, you really helped you Joe Greko.

  26. giselle says:

    amoooo este programa! Y qisiera encontrar a alguien mi nm 1130287240 desd argentina


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