Cheaters’ host to spill all to PI’s

Author: Bill Husted, Denver Post
Date: 08-05-2007

Heads up, you unfaithful bums. Joey Greco is coming to town. He’s the host of “Cheaters,” the tawdry tabloid TV series that catches men and women cheating on their sig others. Oh, it’s great TV.

I used to watch it religiously on KTVD – but it was dropped. It plays in other markets, watched by more than 5 million each week. Lucky viewers in Grand Junction can catch it on Sunday nights on KKCO.

Greco is in Colorado on Oct. 13 for the closing dinner at the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado’s Wild, Wild West Training Conference. It’s a gathering of PIs in Cripple Creek to hone their snoop skills.

Greco goes out and confronts the unfaithful every week. The show is now in its seventh season. Greco was famously stabbed in one episode, which was ranked No.2 by the E network’s “101 Craziest TV Moments” special. This Colorado appearance is his first speaking engagement.

So if you’re cheating in Cripple Creek in October and you see Greco coming at you, no sweat. He’s just there for the banquet.

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