Cheaters FAQs

Cheaters Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cheaters still producing new shows?

Yes, Cheaters is still in production. Season 12 is currently being broadcast; Season 13 is being renewed. Cheaters is still going strong as it airs worldwide.

How long has Cheaters been on the air?

Cheaters is in its 12th year of original programming. There are only 25 programs that have run on longer than Cheaters. Each year Cheaters is on in original shows, that list gets smaller and smaller. After Season 13, there will only be 17 shows that have run longer than Cheaters!

How has Cheaters performed in the ratings?

The ratings have held up impressively. Cheaters is appointment television. People watch Cheaters like clockwork. It beats out most major shows in reruns.

Where does Cheaters air?

Cheaters airs all over the world. Cheaters is in most major domestic markets in the United States and airs in over 100 countries worldwide.

How many shows have been made to-date?

There have been 264 one-hour shows made to-date. These are the one-hour originals that run on the weekends. There is also the “Strip” version that air as 30-minute shows. There have been 528 “Strip” episodes created.

What is the difference between the 30-minute weekday shows and one-hour weekend shows?

The 264 one-hour shows have 2 cases in each, which have been repurposed into 30-minute shows. The one-hour shows air on the weekends while the 30-minute shows air during the week.

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