‘Cheaters’ fan Khloe K. could work upcoming episode


Author: CNN Entertainment

Khloe Kardashian just might be in the market for a new reality TV gig: A one night stand with “Cheaters,” reports CNN affiliate KDAF.

The E! reality star is apparently a huge fan of the show, and has offered to help out during an upcoming episode and go behind the scenes as a member of the take-down camera crew.

The high-profile basketball wife – who recently relocated to Dallas with her Mavericks hubby Lamar Odom – pitched herself to be a part of the show during an interview with “Cheaters” host Joey Greco on her radio show “The Mix Up.”

“She was really into it, so we invited her to come along,” said Greco, who added that Kardashian raved about the show – now in its 13th year – during his visit. “There may be a traffic jam just because people know it is Khloe.”

Not only did the reality show star ask for a cameo appearance, Greco said, she offered to run the boom microphone as part of her undercover duties.

“I was thinking that Khloe could come watch in person and see it go down and then she offered to work and I thought that we could work that out too,” Greco said.

Show producers apparently have big plans for Mrs. Odom.

They say they’re considering equipping her with special spyware they’ve nicknamed the “Khloe Kam,” allowing her to capture every dramatic moment.

We already know a Kardashian-themed episode of “Cheaters” would bring in big ratings, but Khloe’s rep said it’s unknown when the 27-year-old would actually work with the “Cheaters” camera crew.


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