Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Cheated on Evelyn Lozada for Months Before Wedding


Just hours after Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce from her NFL star husband of 41 days, Radar Online reported that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson had an affair for months with a Boston woman before him and Lozada got married. Johnson allegedly head-butted his wife during a heated argument over the weekend after Lozada found a receipt for condoms in their vehicle.

According to Radar Online, Beverly Shiner, 30, revealed that she and Johnson had been dating from January until May of this year while Lozada was planning her upcoming nuptials to Johnson.

After following Johnson on Twitter, Shiner claims that the 34-year-old NFL star sent a personal message to her inviting her out for dinner.

“I Googled him before we met and saw he was engaged, but at the time there were reports that she had broken it off because she thought he was cheating, so I assumed they had split up,” she told Radar Online.

However, after finding women’s toiletries in the bathroom of his Foxborough, Massachusetts home, she realized that Johnson was still clearly with Lozada.

“While I was there he called Evelyn and asked if she could order a pizza to be delivered for him, and even had her pay for it on her credit card,” Shiner told Radar. “I thought it was odd and wondered if she was really his fiancee or just a secretary.”

Shiner revealed that even after finding the suspicious items, she still slept with Chad that night and went on to have a relationship with Johnson for over three months.

“When he was at the Super Bowl (on February 5) in Indianapolis, he was texting me and saying he was missed me,” Shiner stated. Evelyn was at the game with Johnson and his children.

After the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, Johnson went back to Miami to live with Lozada and even though Shiner and Johnson didn’t see each other for another month, she alleges that he continued to text her and tell her how badly he wanted to be with her.

“We would get together when he was in back up in Boston,” she said.

The affair finally ended in the beginning of May. Shiner and Johnson had spent a heated night together and Beverly was heading back over to his house but Johnson would not reply to her texts or calls.

“He had asked me to come over so I drove there and knocked on his door and he didn’t answer even though I could hear his X Box playing. Then I texted him the next day and he didn’t apologize,” she said.

“I got upset and told him, ‘You are not the guy I thought you were,’ to which he replied that he had been sleeping and warned me, ‘You’re overstepping your boundaries a little bit. I’m not your man, keep your comments to yourself.’”

The Miami Dolphins have dropped Chad Johnson from their team and VH1 has cancelled Evelyn and Chad’s spinoff show. That was one hell of a costly mistake!

What do you think? Do you think that Shiner REALLY didn’t know that Johnson was in a relationship with Lozada? Are you surprised that Evelyn and Chad are splitting? A tiger can’t change his stripes, just saying…


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