Celebrity Cheaters

Antonio Banderas Caught Cheating on Wife Melanie Griffith With Mystery Young Blonde


Antonio Banderas is now part of the “Celebrity Cheaters Club.” Banderas, who has been married to wife Melanie Griffith for 15 years, has been caught in a heavy-duty make out session with a hot, young blonde on camera.

Reportedly, it all went down in Cancun at the Congo Bongo Bar (what an appropriate name…) where Antonio met a mystery young blonde whom he almost immediately whisked away into a corner to make out. According to a source, it was described as “heavy duty kissing” and the two eventually left the bar together.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as one that would “destroy” Griffith.

“There was so much chemistry… He was acting like a single man. His wife would be heartbroken if she had seen him that night,” said a source.

And to top things all off, it was all captured on film.

Sources have claimed that the marriage was on the rocks before Banderas’ trip to Cancun. Friends of Melanie have been worried about her “frail, thin figure” and even Antonio has reportedly been encouraging Griffith to “eat more and take better care of herself.”

Granted maybe Griffith hasn’t been eating because this isn’t the first time Banderas has been accused of cheating. In 2007, Banderas was spotted having an intimate dinner with a gorgeous female companion.

Melanie recently tweeted a cryptic message, “BoyfriEND, girlfriEND, friEND, everything has an end, except for family.”

When will celebrities learn… EVERYBODY has a video camera on their phone these days. What happens in Cancun, doesn’t stay in Cancun when you’re a celebrity!


Russell Brand Cheated on Katy Perry According To Her BFF


According to Katy Perry’s BFF Markus Molinari, Russell Brand DID cheat on the popstar. The twosome had a highly publicized divorce with many speculating as to why they ended their marriage.

Katy Perry’s bestie tweeted, “Seeee Russell! RT @JohnSchaech: Cheating is easy, try doing something challenging and be faithful.”

While this isn’t concrete proof of anything, I’m not surprised that her bestie is making such a claim. Brand was immediately seeing other girls after the divorce so it certainly seems possible that he had been stepping out on her before the marriage ended. Plus, he’s a recovering “sex addict,” whatever that really means (insert sarcasm here).


Urkel’s Ex Claims He’s a Cheater and a Beater


Jaleel White, also known as Steve Urkel from Family Matters, is allegedly an abusive cheater according to his baby mama. The former child star is currently on this season of Dancing With the Stars. White, 35, has a two-year-old daughter Samaya with ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy.

In an exclusive interview with Star Magazine, Hardy claims Jaleel “blew up” after she confronted him over evidence of cheating she found on his phone on May 25th, 2010.

“He hit me across the chest area,” Hardy tells Star.

Jaleel has denied any wrongdoing and has never been charged but Bridget claims her ex is a violent man with intense insecurities and abusive behavior.

On the day she found the evidence, Bridget claims Jaleel followed her into the bathroom.

“He pushed me into the toilet and it broke. Water went everywhere, through the walls and even to the kitchen downstairs.”

Bridget claims that this is not the only time he has been abusive with her.

“Verbally and emotionally, he’s abusive. He told me I’m not working; I have no money; I’m white trash. None of it was true,” Hardy says.

Bridget claims that she had had a gut feeling that Jaleel was two-timing her throughout their relationship. She found numerous naked pictures of random women on White’s phone.

“It was a lot of flirting, like, I’m coming to your room, at 4 a.m. He hooked up with one girl in our house… he hooked up with a girl within one week of me having the baby.”

“I was always protecting him and keeping quiet for him. I know he felt bad,” she says.

She allegedly told the police, “I didn’t want charges to be filed.”

If you are in an abusive relationship, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE.


Johnny Depp Allegedly Cheating On Vanessa Paradis with Ashley Olsen


Johnny Depp is reportedly cheating with billionaire actress turned fashionista Ashley Olsen behind his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis’ back.

According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Johnny was spotted sneaking out of Olsen’s house on February 27th. He was “looking like he didn’t want to be seen.”

Depp went to Ashley’s house on the 26th and was spotted trying to sneak out of an office building connected to her house around noon the next day. One of the office building’s employees stated, “an e-mail went around to the employees saying Johnny Depp was using our building to try to avoid paparazzi.”

It has been rumored that Olsen is a big partier with claims that “she throws wild, all-night parties in her apartment four times a week.”

Hmm, are the “Full House” actress and the Pirates of the Caribbean star hooking up on the sly? That would be so scandalous!


Ali Landry Reveals How She Busted ‘Cheater’ Ex-Hubby Mario Lopez


Former Miss USA Ali Landry revealed that she tapped ex-husband’s Mario Lopez’s phone and caught him cheating two weeks after their wedding.

The former Doritos girl sat down for an interview with “The Wendy Williams Show” and described her shock after learning of Lopez’s alleged indiscretions. The two had dated for six years before getting hitched. Their marriage was annulled soon after the wedding in 2004.

“I never spoke about it after it happened,” said Landry. “That’s probably the most dramatic thing that ever happened to me in my life. It was absolutely horrible- now I have a husband and children- but it was terrible.”

Landry says that it she were to do it all over again, she would have listened to her gut instincts.

“I had heard something right before the wedding. He swore that it was not true but I had that feeling in my gut. But all my family was flying away for our destination wedding and it was a big trip for them. I really should have put the brakes on it at that point, but I was afraid … One of girlfriends said, ‘If you really want to know, I know how to tap a phone.’ The craziest thing. I thought, ‘I don’t want to tap his phone. This is the man I’ve been with, I should trust him.'”

Landry ended up tapping his phone anyway and after their honeymoon, she noticed he was getting calls from assorted women.

“I confronted him and he denied it. He never apologized. Still to this day,” said Landry.

When Williams stated that Lopez had told her that he is friends with all of his exes, Landry told her that it was a lie as she has not spoken to or seen Lopez since they split.

“To me it’s not about putting the blame on him, it’s about how a woman can move on from a situation like that,” Landry said. Landry met her current husband, director Alejandro Monteverde, in a theology class after the annulment. “I am very grateful that happened because I would not be where I am today.”

“Because of the situation I was in before, I was treading lightly and didn’t want to make any mistakes in this relationship,” Landry explained. “So we abstained from having sex until we got married.”

Landry and Monteverde wed in 2006 and have two children together.

Landry is currently the host of “Hollywood Girls Night,” which airs on the TV Guide Network.

There really is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out your hubby cheated and he isn’t sorry! Tsk tsk, Mario Lopez!!  I can’t believe you never apologized!