Bobby Goldstein Biography


Dallas native BOBBY GOLDSTEIN attended Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas with a desire to get involved in the entertainment business. Without many entertainment opportunities in Texas, Goldstein immersed himself in trial law from 1987 to 1998 after becoming a licensed lawyer and establishing his own law practice in Dallas.

However, by 1992, Goldstein began to stray from his law practice to pursue his childhood passions Рmusic and film. During his early years, Goldstein trained extensively as a pianist, honing his skill in both classical and pop genres. In his free time, he launched ambitiously into the music-publishing and treatment-writing arena and wrote and composed original music.

In 1995, Goldstein created the concept of Cheaters as a premise for a television series. His vision for the show came long before the popularity of reality programming. With no connections to the television industry, Goldstein wrote the treatment for Cheaters and forged ahead with his project. Goldstein dodged the film school route and began developing and perfecting his own television production and distribution company.

After establishing his own television production company (named Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc.), Goldstein filmed the pilot for Cheaters. Then he booked a flight to Los Angeles and pitched the concept of Cheaters to networks, from which Goldstein received less than an enthusiastic response. Not discouraged, Goldstein went forward with the syndication of Cheaters on a slow roll-out basis, believing that the program’s ratings would confirm and validate its value in the television marketplace. Cheaters‘ record now speaks for itself, and so does Goldstein’s track record as an executive producer.

Cheaters is Goldstein’s first venture in the television industry, and he currently has several other projects in development, including additional television series and feature film projects.

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  1. Tarland Thomas says:


    I love your story and I am very interested in working with you as an under study, please give me an opportunity.


  2. Denise says:

    I just love your commercial with the big hair and money signs and stuff — “why we’ll BOTH lose moneh!!”

    Hilarious!!! :o )

    • Vinoth says:

      The real answer to your quteoisn is it’s not time, it’s attitude and your behavior. If she gives you a second chance then you need to make the commitment to never do it again. From the way you worded your quteoisn it sounds like your asking how long before you can do it again. To be forgiven requires three things from you , Acknowledge your mistake, make amends, and do what you can to right the wrongs and never do it again.So the answer to your quteoisn is, how long do you have to go without cheating to get off the list ? FOREVER !

  3. Sallie Frede Kemper says:

    Hey, it’s Pat’s little sister….Private Event is coming up…fundraiser for our local film festival on 8-3-12…if interested will send u info on it. Looks like things are going well! Will check out Cheaters! Thanks!

  4. Mr.Goldstein Hi my name is Michael Wilson and I’m looking to start my own productions company for filming porn. I’ve at it for a while but were gonna launch out towards tv, it’s a bug thing for me and I’m one of your fans and your story inspires me to make my productions company happen. Do you have any segestion for me, if so I would like to know, please e-mail me, and I like cheaters alot, Thanks M Wilson

  5. Nikki says:

    My Saturday guilty pleasuer ritual has been destroyed… Without Joey, the show was terrible… I am so so disappointed…

  6. Dave says:


  7. Jake LaMotta says:

    I agree. Clark is a horrible host. Please bring Joey.

  8. byron says:

    Bring Joey back. Clark sucks Dick lol. He is to inexperience . I love this show but can’t stand to watch it without Joey. Maybe have some with Joey guess starring and then i can feel it better . If its not broke don’t fix it. Peace….

  9. Jesse Merchant III says:

    Just bring joey back bobby period the man got stabbed for you man I guess that does mean anything. You can see this kid shaking sweating under his arms he does not have it put him back behind the camera where he belongs

  10. Lisa says:

    Mr. Producer Executive, Please bring back Joey. He helped make the show. South Cali will not watch unless he is back.

  11. B C says:

    Hi Bobby I am a PI in Florida any plans for Cheaters South Beach???? Let me know:)