Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s Separation Due to Alleged Infidelity

Author: Anna Sanclement

While the public may be shocked at the separation announcement from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, it seems it has been a long time coming. According to reports, there have been infidelity issues in the marriage, among other problems.

Maria has been contemplating divorce for a couple of years now, because she is tired of Arnold’s alleged infidelities and his uncontrollable ego, according to TMZ sources. The Terminator star has also been very hard to live with.

Back when Arnold was campaigning for the California Governor’s office, there had been reports about him groping women he worked with while filming movies. Maria was very adamant to defend him from these accusations and insisted they were simply untrue.

However, with these new developments about multiple infidelities, that issue may seem more like a reality. Still, even after Maria moved out of the couple’s home into a fancy hotel, the two have been spotted spending time together lately, even for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Sources close to the couple say that Arnold and Maria have very strong chemistry together, which is why it has been hard for Maria to move on.

TMZ also reports that since they’ve been separated, Arnold is being extremely nice to Maria and is trying very hard to get her back. Now the she’s left him, the famous actor/politician has done a complete turn-around with his behavior.

Still, Maria has not been happy in the marriage for years and is actually afraid of Arnold “in an emotional way,” because he evidently can’t stay faithful. Their four kids have also been pushing Maria to end the marriage because they know the issues she’s been dealing with.

On March 28, Maria posted a video on YouTube asking her fans to give her advice on how to handle transitions in life. At the time, it was not known exactly which transitions she was referring to, but now that we know she’s been separated from Arnold “for weeks,” it seems as if she was talking about moving on from her marriage.


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