Are You Two Meant to be Together?

You recently met someone really special — someone who makes your heart race and your knees weak. On the surface, they seem to have everything you’re looking for. How do you really know if he or she is the one? Take this quiz and find out!

Are You Two Meant to be Together?

1. Have you ever thought about leaving your partner?
a. I’ve never even thought about that!
b. Maybe once or twice. He/She has been annoying me lately!
c. Constantly! I’m so annoyed with everything he/she does!

2. Do you both fully trust each other?
a. Sometimes we give each other space, but not that often.
b. Half of the time we do and the other half we don’t.
c. Not at all! We are constantly in each other’s business!
d. We both trust each other a lot.

3. How long do you spend talking to each other every day?
a. We’re constantly talking to each other throughout the day!
b. At least an hour or two every day, if not more.
c. Less than 30 minutes or so.
d. Hardly ever. He/She is always preoccupied with something else!

4. When you go out together with your friends, does he/she talk to you?
a. Never. He/She always ignores and avoids me!
b. Sometimes but we make sure to talk to our friends, too.
c. The entire time.

5. Do you plan on having children together?
a. Absolutely!
b. We’ve talked about it but we’re still undecided.
c. No, we definitely won’t be together that long!

6. If you go to a restaurant and he/she runs into his/her ex, does he/she talk to the ex or to you?
a. He/She always talks to me. He/She is totally over his/her ex!
b. Sometimes.
c. They chat for awhile and totally don’t include me in the conversation.

7. Do you picture you two together forever?
a. I could see that happening.
b. No, not going to happen.
c. All the time!

8. Do you two always kiss and hug?
a. Not really, it’s been getting less and less frequent.
b. All the time! It’s a daily habit.
c. Usually.

9. Do you two argue a lot?
a. No, hardly ever.
b. Sometimes.
c. We argue all the time!!

10. Do you have common interests?
a. A few common interests.
b. We have all of the same interests!
c. Seriously, we have nothing in common.

11. Do you do all the planning for activities in your relationship?
a. Yes, he/she NEVER makes plans!
b. No, he/she takes care of all that.
c. We both make plans.

12. How often does he/she tell you that he/she loves you?
a. Never.
b. Sometimes, here and there.)
c. All the time!

Now, add up your score, based on the points for each answer:
1. a=2, b=1, c=0
2. a=1, b=1, c=0, d=2
3. a=3, b=2, c=1, d=0
4. a=0, b=2, c=1
5. a=2, b=1, c=0
6. a=2, b=1, c=0
7. a=1, b=0, c=2
8. a=0, b=2, c=1
9. a=0, b=1, c=0
10. a=1, b=2, c=0
11. a=0, b=2, c=2
12. a=0, b=1, c=2

Point System for Results:

A. Meant to be Together!! (A= 16-25 points)

You two are definitely meant to be together. You both are clearly in love with each other and have a wonderful relationship. If you two aren’t married already, there are definitely wedding bells in the future!

B. Meant to be together, for now… (B= 8-15 points)

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new relationship and things are still uncertain. It seems that you two do a good job of keeping the balance in the relationship but are still undecided whether he or she is “The One.” You guys have a good relationship so perhaps it’s time to take the next step and become more serious!

C. Not meant to be together… (C= 0-7 points)

It doesn’t seem like you two like each other so why are you in a relationship with him or her? This relationship probably will not last for much longer. He or she is not “The One” so start looking for someone else!

31 Responses to “Are You Two Meant to be Together?”

  1. Damaris says:

    This is why my relationship is even harder, because at times everything is going so good then all of a sudden it’ll all come crashing down.. he has played me in the past & also has been verbally & physically abusive & each & every time I tell myself that this is the last time he will hurt me in any type of way but I just cant ever get away. 5 yrs later & I’m still here with 2 beautiful kids from him. Sometimes I think he has some sort of problems because he can be a very wonderful person at times but then I dont know whats comes over him & things fall down again.. Part of his ways have to do with his friends, with the ppl he’s around & I’ve noticed it because when his friends aren’t around sometimes for days we seem to make each other happy but then when his friends come around or he decides to go out with them he switches up on me & that is not fair at all because i have been very fair & understanding with him. I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD & now Phsycosis so his behaivor does not help at all… Please someone help me, I dont know what to do anymore, I really want to be with him & grow old with him & get married, we have been together for 5 yrs & known each other for 6 yrs plus we have 2 wonderful kids together & at times I feel like everything is going to be alright but then my world comes crashing down.. I just dont know what to do anymore.. By the way it’s Saturday 4:00 am & I havent heard from him since 6pm Friday late afternoon, his phone is off now & he wasnt answering my calls before that.. Im really sad right now & alot of thoughts are running thru my mind but I just hope he isnt cheating but I know he is.. I just pray that I can be strong & stand my ground when he does decide to come home (we live together also) but I know I cant & Im going to allow him to keep walking all over me like he always does.. Sorry I wrote so much but it really helped me, I guess I needed to vent.. Who ever reads this Thank you so much for listening to my pain..

    • lunacynthiana says:

      You have to be strong sweety and stand your ground for you and your babies!!! Have faith in yourself hun!!! I have it in you!!!

    • terry m. says:

      Hey Dama
      I feel sad for you and what you are going through. I am not an expert at this but i think the best thing at this point would for you to take a break from him. Take your kids and go somewhere you wil have absolutely no contact with him. with time he will ealize what a gem he had in you and he will come back with his tail between his legs, ( no pun). If he doesnt, then it wasnt meant to be God will bring you what is truelly yours Remember when one door closes, another one opens. Alll the best dear

    • ayelen says:

      Damaris lo mejor q podes hacer es alejarte de esa persona!!no te va a dar un buen futuro…es agresivo y quien sabe si algun dia no llega a mal mayores!!
      Me llego mucho tu comentario y te juro q no puedo aceptar ese tipo de situacion…mi consejo es ese…Dios quiera q lo tomes!!
      Quiero que sepas algo…una mujer puede mucho mas que un hombre si se lo propone!! un beso

  2. nikkiw says:

    you said the following…he has played me in the past & also has been verbally & physically abusive & each & every time I tell myself that this is the last time he will hurt me in any type

    what more do you need?

  3. Angela says:

    I agree with the other ladies. Love is blind sweetie and I myself has been blind 2 love. What you need to do is think abour ur babies that u so much love, and move forward. Just know that u will be doing the right thing for them and urself. Although its their father, its still not going to change him if hes not ready to change. It does sound like he’s cheating to me. And i’m like this, once a cheater always a cheater. And not only that, you haven’t heard from him in almost 24 hrs….my heart goes out to u and ur kids….stand strong and do whats best for u and ur kids….let him be the dog he is and once he realizes what he had, he will come back. But at that point u will be over him and u will look back and say dang why was i trippin over this man…I have been there and done that…i hope this made ur day…god bless u…and no one thing from these messages that ur getting….total strangers love u when u dont love urself…

  4. Shaliqua says:

    Hey girl,…you know he playin you. Whatchu gone do? Men be dawgs. kick him to da curb…and live ya life for you and ya babies…ya know what i’m sayin girlfriend. He always gone be the baby daddy, but you don’t need him.

  5. ratemo says:

    the test i took was about my past relationship mine and my Ex- really it has turned out that we were meant to be together, though we are not dating at the moment, he was a man i really wished to be with for the rest of my life and we had promised each other a forever relationship, we broke up still loving each other the big issue here is that i had my ego and he was too proud too to degrade himself

  6. terry m. says:

    Now am convinced that Frank n i are meant to be.We still have the fire we had when we started dating, about 14 months ago. We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day, love conquers all.I really want to carry this in my marriage when the time comes. Is it possible to keep that fire or am i living in Utopia?

  7. LADII SHINE says:


  8. champayne champagne says:

    i gotta twelve. we’ll see how it goes. to those who’ve cheated or been cheated on, your relationship will never be the same. i hope it only gets better for you though if u decide to stay and work it out. good luck.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Hey girl I feel your pain. Im going through the same thing minus the hubby and baby father. I hope you do the rite thing for you and your children. I know its hard, but you seem like you have a good head on your shoulders…wish you the BEST OF LUCK!

  10. Mari says:

    WE have children together, we love eachother , the only thing is that he lives in the past, he doesnt trust me. I did fuck up in the past but i have changed for the better, i want to grow old with him. It is just a constant fight and controlling relationship!!!! I know he loves me but I am confussed……….

  11. Ana says:

    we have two children together but his anger is wrong for showing in front of kids.I always tell him to control yourself what you say to them. all I going to say to the single and couples that are together that GOD,Jesus and Virgen mary are with us anywhere and anytime if it goes wrong or right they always there to take care of you.

  12. Ana says:

    thank you joey from cheaters I see u show when is on the time I learn a lot from it watching a lot of different situations.

  13. well i wanna know how is that these women get cheated on by there lame azz men and lying to there wife’s all the time i mean i love you’r show cheaters but don’t get wrong here if i was on cheaters i’ll be da hell outta the men and the women hell they are all cheaters from the get go

  14. keiley says:

    i have no kids and i have never been in any type of abusive relationship. but in my opinion, you should leave him. run and take yor children. my mother was once in an abusive relationship. and it only got worse. if i was in your situation i would leave. i just dont want you to get hurt, even though i dont know you at all, but i dont have to know you to feel for you. that is how i have been taught. you dont have to know who is in your fox hole with you. you just have to look out for them and try to help when you can. hope you mske it. Keiley

    • Rocky says:

      Dear Dr. Kristi, I have this terrible fear of bald peolpe. Particularly bald old men. They seem to be everywhere these days! How do you suggest I deal with this issue?

  15. vanessa says:

    hi everyone , will i been in too many bad relationships and waiting for the right one to come but how many bads do i need to go though??? i have three kids and my boyfriend now makes me cry to many times , why . i did nothing wrong . he leaves when ever and dont say where he gose .but if that was me , i get sap on . im only 24 and he 36 .when we frist met we were in love and now it change alot . he thinks i cheat on him and i tell him that i love him way to much and i would never do that . sometimes i think is dose things behind my back but says he would ever cheat on me , but i dont feel love and now we have a baby on the way!!!!!!! what should i do????

    • Dennis says:

      Hey Vanessa, I feel your pain, you, like me, seem to be attracted to the wrong type of mate.

      I keep hearing from people that eventually I will find Ms Right, but I dont see it happening, not as long as I indulge in my self destructive habit of choosing a woman who is shady to begin with.

      I need to change what I am attracted to in a woman, and I tried that, but the relationship failed miserably because there was no passion from me to her.

      I hear guys complain that woman always say they want a nice guy, but then go with the guys that are aloof and are attracted to them because of their physical strength. Sometimes you need to let your guard down and understand that a man is a natural protector, but can also be sensitive and understanding and in touch with his feelings. Trust me, no man worth his man card will sit back and let anything happen to his family, sensitive or a jack wagon.

      Good luck to you, nice guys are out there, I am one of them. I am working on changing my mindset, maybe you should too.

      Happy New Year! :)

  16. Ashley Brown says:

    Hi everybody.. I love my boyfriend soo much but sometimes I feel that he is cheating on me. So I took this test and we got a high score that says that me and him are meant to be together.. I feel that we are too but sometimes I just don’t know if I really truely wanna stay with him or not.. I’m heart tells me to stay with him but my mind tells me to leave him for good.. We have a 2 year old beautiful daughter together so I’m not gone lie it would be hard for me to leave him.. I’m soo confused right now.. I just want a normal happy family again.. HELP.. wat should I do..

  17. Nadeawhite says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years, living together. 2 years and have a two year old daughter……my thing is I love my boyfriend to death my life and day to day schedule revolves around him and our daughter & for some reason be never ever really showed me true love….I’m guessing he has a funny way of showing his feelings and love because he never do. Hedont hug or kiss innpunlic & dnt hold hands……we just might spark up a conversationother then that its totally silent between us….I constantly find him cheating…he cought me once red handed in the car with another guy & on omther occasions texting but never cheating..most of the girls he talk to don’t knw about me and our daughter. Be gets mad if I tag him in to my Facebook statuses r even mention him…..he gets mad even if I upload pictures of us…usually he’ll spend at lease 10% of his time with us & late we haventbeen getting that…I dnt knw what I’m going to do…..I’m dying to leaving but my heart just won’t allow me…I love with all my mind heart and soul plus I want to raise my daughter under the same roof with both her parents…. most people say if I just pack up and leave he’ll come to his Spence’s but to b honest I don’t have time to be packing up and unpacking..because if he sees that if I pack up and come back if he acts right I think he’ll keep pulling that role and I’m just about at the end of my rope….


  18. Dane says:

    I have been with my wife going on 13 years now. I have noticed lately that she is ignoring me a lot. We have three beautiful kids together. She claims I am the only one she has ever slept with. Lately she has been spending a lot of time on her apperance. She is obsessed with getting in the tanning bed all the time. She degrades me constantly because my skin is so pale. I can’t do the tan thing because I just burn. She also spends a lot of time at our next door neighbors house. She claims she is just letting our kids play with their kids, however a dude she used to date is over there all the time. She tells me she hasn’t said a word to him. Just yesterday, I found her wedding ring on the dresser while she was over there. What am I supposed to expect. I told her I was going to go over there and ask what was going on she simply got furious and called me every name in the book. She said I was stirring up trouble. What are some oppinions on this matter? Please, any advice will help.

  19. mellylugo says:

    Sorry to say this but she is cheating.Maybe you should suggest the kids play at your house. She has no respect for you or your kids to be over there with her ex in front of them .I think you should just pop up catch her in the act. Then she can’t lie anymore. Last thing I never take my wedding ring not even to shower.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone, I’m in my 4th relationship and I’m madly in love but I honestly do believe that he’s cheating on me he’s at work all the time he never has one day off to spend with me I don’t get to see him: morning, noon and barely at night. He texts me throughout the day at random times but it’s not the same because nothing can compare to him actually being there. we don’t even get to take a decent vacation together and when we do take vacations something always goes wrong, every plan I make with him fails he either doesn’t come at all and doesn’t bother telling me or shows up late and doesn’t bother telling me. we live together but it doesn’t feel like it cause I barely see him. I’ve been telling him that this bothers me it breaks my heart because while every one else is out with their sweetheart on date night, I’m sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching television with my cats. Does he even realize how mad or frustrated that I am with him? Or does he just not care anymore…? If he is cheating on me I would rather know it now then find out later my heart would be crushed though if I found out he was cheating on me.

  21. Dallas says:

    Met spouse in 2008, married on 2009.
    Lived in Dallas before moving with spouse in Memphis,TN.Once here, things changed. He became overly jealous, verbally abusive, and he thinks sex solves everything. Baby Momma from Missouri pops up unexpectedly and he entertains her aggressive behavior. He works nights as a Truckdriver, I work days. Gets upset.when I don’t answer “unknown” incoming calls. We are currently separated but hasn’t said he mo longer lovese. I’m about to loose my mind not knowing where we are going. I have no friends or family here so with the separation, I get depressed and feel awful. I miss the companionship and thru ALL of or drama, I want things to somehow work out. I did not come to Memphis to fail. I did not leave my HR Manager job on Dallas, TX to take s 40% pay cut by coming to Memphis, TN to be alone and facing a possible divorce. Am I fooling myself by ignoring the same signs I witnessef him doing to his Baby Momma from Missouri when we first started dating married? Some of the same things he did to her, I now see I’m doing to me. Am I delusional by wanting us to somehow work out? My two kids are grown and living their own lives. He has 3 kids by 2 other women. I feel so abandoned and betrayed and fooled by giving opt ENTIRE life in Dallas to be here and be on the verge of s divorce. What in the world should I do? I’m the eldest of 4 younger brothers back in Dallas and everyonr is concerned with my mental and physical well-being. separated but

  22. Adam Brown says:

    here is my thing i have been married for 11yrs to my wife sarah. she left me back in 2004 and we had never got the divorce. a few months ago i moved up to her area to try again and to be closer to my son. ever since i have found other women that i have more in common with and even though me and the wife live together i do all i can to go out and be with the woman i have the real connection with. am i wrong for cheating when have been seperated so long? am i wrong for keeping it silent so i can stay closer to my son since i pay out so much in child support that its hard to get my own place.

  23. Jemima says:

    I am writing this because I don’t know who to turn to, I can’t seem to trust anyone anymore since my boyfriend started ‘going away’. I know in my heart something isn’t right but I feel like if I keep making him happy everything will be okay. He seems distant, always checking his phone, not talking to me but in the bedroom is only where he shows affection but even then I have to turn away, almost like he is imagining someone else. He keeps trying new things with me…things that I wouldn’t normally do, or am comfortable with but I go along with them just to please him, hoping that everything will just go back to normal. I even heard him say someone elses name in bed, but he denied it saying I was just ‘stupid’ and ‘misheard’ that he wouldn’t dare do anything like that to me, that I am what he craves and wants to ravish. I somehow don’t believe him. I found condoms in his pocket after he came home from a business trip and he was walking funny and the packet was almost empty. He was only away for a night. We don’t even use condoms, as I’ve had the contraceptive jab, he says he hates them and will only have sex with me without. I have tried to challenge him on several occasions, but he says I’m living in a ‘fantasy world’ that I am driving him away and maybe he will cheat. I found that he had racked up a $400 bill on sex phone lines but said it was only to find what turns him on as he can’t talk to me about it..that I wouldn’t understand and I have to find better ways to pleasure him. Has anyone got any advice? Obviously it’s just about me, maybe I’m not attractive to him anymore, shall I experiment with different costumes or try and lose some weight that I have gained by over eating while he has been away, food has been my only comfort in my time of need. I’m afraid since I had our baby, that maybe I don’t feel like new anymore (I’m sure other women understand and have this problem) and maybe that’s why he doesn’t want me anymore. I’ve tried all of the creams and exercises but it just seems to get worse.

    Any advise would me much appreciated.

  24. aggie phillips says:

    If we are meant to be together why is he with some one esle


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