Are Women Better Cheaters Than Men?


At last week’s South by Southwest Panel, “The Algorithm Method: Love In The Social Media Age,” Helen Fisher, Ph.D., biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor for online dating sites and, stated that an indicator of cheating is a high testosterone level.

When patients are injected with testosterone, it not only heightens sex drive but also a tendency towards narcissism. According to Fisher, women are better at cheating and not getting caught, perhaps because females do not produce nearly as much testosterone as males do.

“You don’t often catch the women. Because women naturally think more contextually. They consider long term vision and potential consequences much more thoroughly before acting,” said Fisher.

Fisher has scanned over 40,000 brains in her research.

So there you have it, women are better at cheating and not getting caught because we think more about our actions; it’s scientific fact!


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