Are Macho Men More Loyal?


By: Allie

There’s a lot of negativity surrounding women who fall for “bad boys” and don’t go for the “nice ones” but are these “bad boys” really as bad as we think they are?

The stereotypical macho look is usually one of guys with wider faces and square jaws. This look tends to give people the impression that the man is cold and dishonest but new research from the U.K. is contradicting what people have thought for years!

Guys that have more “masculine” faces tend to have higher testosterone levels and are generally thought to be more aggressive than those with lower levels of testosterone. But a new study shows that while these types of men do tend to be more aggressive, they are more cooperative in situations where they needed to support their home team. Now while this study wasn’t conducted in regards to romantic relationships, it is very interesting information about “masculine” men.

Do you agree? Are macho men more loyal to their partner and family? Does their aggressiveness mean they are fierce protectors of their own? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!



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