Are Females More Likely To Be Caught Cheating on Valentine’s Day?


Today, Cheaterville released some very interesting statistics about alleged cheaters. They randomly sampled all of last year’s postings on their website and discovered some intriguing information:

• 81% of alleged cheaters posted on the website are women. Out of the 81%, 42% of the postings were submitted by other women! In other words, b*tches are going to blast you online if you cheat with their man!

• 24% of the victims who posted an alleged cheater, indicted that they met their cheating significant other on a popular dating website- (9%), (2%), Craigslist (6%), and Plenty of Fish (7%).

•Females make up 65% of the people who cheat on Valentine’s Day, based on the posts submitted to the website.

• 23% of the alleged cheaters on the site are from the East Coast. The average age of an alleged cheater posted on the site is 24 with the majority of them being Scorpios (remind me never to date a Scorpio!).

• 17% of the alleged cheaters posted on the site are MARRIED.

• 1 out of every 3 adults posted on the site indicated that they cheated with a co-worker at some point. Workplaces are a dangerous place for those who cannot resist temptation!


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