An Eye For An Eye, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s Fiancee Says If You Cheat, I Cheat


American Idol judge and Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler sat down with Oprah Winfrey on her new show, Oprah’s Next Chapter, to discuss marriage and monogamy. Tyler, 63, recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Erin Brady, 38, while vacationing in Hawaii over the holidays.

The twosome met while Brady was working as Aerosmith’s tour manager. They have a mutual agreement that they will not cheat on each other (isn’t this how all marriages start out???).

Brady says, “I just said, ‘Hey listen, if you play, I’m gonna play.” She told Oprah, “He didn’t really like when he was on the other side of that scenario.”

Tyler is a self-proclaimed “sexual animal” and has infamously cheated on his former wives. He expressed sincere remorse about cheating. Tyler confessed, “For all the divorces I’ve had, I hurt those girls deeply, and there was some behavior that I’m ashamed of and I shouldn’t have done.”

He says the instant gratification of cheating will ultimately screw him over in the long run. “I’d like to go on a schtupping spree and screw every girl I see, that would want to have me, who wouldn’t? But I don’t. I want [Erin] for my own, and if that’s gonna take that away from it, I don’t [do it].”


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