Am I Just Paranoid Or Is He Cheating?


Dear Allie,

I have been married to my husband for two years. Recently, I found out shortly after my birthday, I was pregnant. I’ve been pregnant before and it did not end well, so we have been scared for what may happen.

One night, around three weeks ago, I had fallen asleep in our living room on our sleeper sofa bed whilst watching “Doctor Who.” My husband usually messes around on the computer when this happens so I continued to sleep, figuring as long as he was entertained, I was free to sleep. I had probably been sleeping for a couple of hours when I hear what sounds like an instant message noise. You know, that little annoying “bleep-bleep-bloop” noise. I got up, looked over and saw a conversation with another woman about being in her bed. This was on the “Tagged” website. Funny thing is, he did not even seem to notice me nor care I was sleeping right next to him. I watched the conversation progress and finally I physically attacked him, which I regret. I was pregnant and feeling very betrayed. When confronted, I asked him to leave and he refused because he was only “trying to make friends.” While that conversation did seem to be flirtatious only on his part, it still hurt a lot. The same day in the late afternoon, I found text messages from a girl named Krystal on his phone saying, “When you are a big time certified engineer, we will need to hook up ;)”

I feel like I know for sure what is going on but I feel crazy, like I am trying to find something wrong, or maybe being pregnant is just getting the better of me. It isn’t just me, is it?


You aren’t crazy, it isn’t the pregnancy hormones and your husband needs to stop this behavior immediately because it’s completely unacceptable.  You have the proof you need of his unacceptable behavior so sit down with him and have a (calm) discussion with him about how this behavior needs to end and never happen again.  Best of luck to you.



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