8 Tricks For a Happy Relationship


Let’s face it, relationships take work. Whether you’ve been dating for 6 months or married for 20 years, it takes work and effort to maintain a happy relationship with your significant other. Anybody that tells you otherwise has probably never been in a serious, long-term relationship.

A relationship is always great at the beginning. You’re still in the exploratory phase of your new relationship, finding out what your partner likes/ dislikes, etc. After a little while, the newness wears off and you slowly come to realize what you dislike about your partner, their bad habits, so on and so forth. It’s inevitable. I think everyone can use some “refresher” tips on how to keep the relationship happy so keep reading!

1. If you and your partner are indecisive about where to eat, what movie to watch, what to do, play the “5-3-1” game. One person names 5 choices, the other person vetoes 2 of the choices, and then the first person, eliminates 2 more choices and you are left with the final decision! No more arguments over “I always pick where we go” or “I always have to choose what we do.”

2. If one partner cooks, the other person does the dishes. It’s the only fair way!

3. Every cohabitating couple needs a separate room with a door that shuts (and locks). This room can be used for reading, studying, listening to music, having private phone conversations, being mad, etc.

4. Thank each other for everything. You don’t have to go overboard with the thanks but it is nice to show and be shown appreciation even for the most minuscule tasks (like taking out the garbage).

5. If your partner is wrong about something insignificant, keep your mouth shut. For example, if your partner says that Steven Spielberg directed Transformers, have a little giggle on the inside but don’t tease them about not knowing who Michael Bay is. Oh and definitely don’t correct your partner’s grammar in public.

6. Let it go if your partner admits to being at fault, especially if it’s a minor issue. Ask yourself, “Will this matter in 6 months?” If the answer is ‘no,’ forgive and forget!

7. Think before you speak! If you are having a difficult conversation with your partner and can’t express your thoughts confidently, ask your partner to give you a moment to think instead of filling the silence with awkward words. Saying the wrong thing can be much more hurtful and damaging than a pause in the conversation.

8. Play the “He’s/She’s Not an A**hole” game. If your partner has made you mad, imagine that you are a writer assigned to write a story in which your partner is the protagonist. Think of all the good things your partner adds to your life and try to see things from their perspective.


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