3 Signs That You Are About to Cheat


Are you one of those people who think that they could never cheat on their partner? Are you always telling your friends and family how great your relationship is and that infidelity could never be in the picture?

Well, you might be wrong. Even the best relationships have their rough patches and can be tempted by infidelity. We live in a society where you can easily find someone to cheat with online, whether it be casual sex, an escort, or an old flame you’ve recently reconnected with on a social networking site. Shoot, there’s even websites that are solely dedicated to hooking up married men and women for affairs.

Americans never believe that they would be the “type” of person to engage in an affair. In a recent survey about infidelity, 82% of the respondents said that affairs were always wrong and the rest said that affairs are almost always wrong.

But you might be more apt to cheat than you think.

Here are three signs that you might be closer to straying than you think:

1. You haven’t had sex with your partner in weeks or even months. If you find yourself avoiding situations that could lead to sex, the disinterest could mean that you are disconnected from the relationship and are done with trying to make the relationship work. While not wanting to have sex can be a sign that you’re just stressed and/or tired, it can also mean that you have lost interest in your partner and the relationship.

2. You are browsing the internet to meet other people. You find yourself looking up past exes on Facebook. You look at dating sites for married people looking to have casual sex. You look at photos of escorts. You are pleasuring yourself to fantasies of other people way more than you ever think of your partner. While all of these things can indicate that you have a healthy sexual appetite, it can also mean that you are looking for sex or a relationship outside of your relationship.

3. You are emotionally connected to someone that isn’t your partner in more important and intimate ways. You are telling all of your problems and dissatisfactions in your relationship to the outside person. You talk about sexual issues with them. You find yourself texting and calling them throughout the day. You tell them all of your private thoughts when you don’t tell your partner any of it. You fantasize about them and wonder if they feel the same way about you. If you have a friendship with someone that is more intimate and closer than the relationship with your partner, you are probably already halfway to having an affair. Emotional affairs lead to physical affairs more often than not.

If any of these signs are true, have a discussion with your partner and work on resolving any lingering issues. You may think that you would never cheat on your partner but sometimes you are in much deeper than you realize.


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