10 Years of Cheaters – Host Joey Greco Tells Us About His Amazing Run

Author: WebmasterRadio.FM, PR Web
Date: 10-22-2009

WebmasterRadio.FM is pleased to announce an interview with reality TV show host Joey Greco from the highl popular “Cheaters” on the show Rainmaker.

Airing in over 100 countries around the globe, “Cheaters” celebrates its 10th season as one of the longest running and most syndicated reality TV shows in the world. In the United States, “Cheaters” airs in 178 domestic markets as a one-hour show and in 169 domestic markets as a M-F 30-minute show. “Rainmaker books guests who have somehow changed the world or the industry in which they work,” says cohost Daron Babin. “Joey Greco’s outrageous program has changed the formula for how TV is produced. “By our definition, Joey is definitely a Rainmaker.”

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