10 Great Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Still don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans for you and your sweetheart? Keep reading for some great ideas for things to do on Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart!

1. Reenact your first date.

More than likely, your relationship was at the peak of its romance in the beginning, especially since most people are on their best behaviors when a relationship begins. Turn back the clock and remind your sweetheart that you still have the charm in you by reenacting your first date with your honey.

Women love it when men remember the little details from when they were first getting to know each other. Think back to your first date and take her to the same place, get the same food, and do the same things that sparked your romance in the first place.

2. Get physical together.

No, I don’t mean that kind of “physical,” although hopefully that’s where your day will end up (*wink wink*). Start things off by getting your hearts pumping. Take her ice skating or spend some time together at an indoor pool. Physical activity is a great way to get the endorphins flowing so you’ll both be in the mood for romance later.

3. Get a massage.

What’s more romantic than getting rubbed down together? Treat you and your lady to a nice massage. If you can’t afford to go out and get a massage, get some massage oils or lotions and give each other a nice rubdown. A relaxing massage is the perfect thing to do to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day!

4. Make a path of rose petals.

Anticipation is half the fun of a romantic surprise. Make a trail of rose petals starting at the door and leading to the bedroom. Leave your lady a nice Valentine’s day gift at the end of the trail. Chocolates are always great as are teddy bears and candy hearts. It may be corny but it’ll be a surefire way to show your lady that you really care about her.

5. Get a hotel room.

Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for a relationship. Leaving behind the stresses of the house will give an automatic boost to your love life. A hotel room allows you two to get wild and not have to worry about mundane household chores. To spice it up even more, you could role play and pretend you are secret lovers meeting for a rendezvous.

6. Stay at home and be homebodies.

Sometimes the best Valentine’s gift is uninterrupted quality time together. You don’t have to leave the house to make this day special. Spend the entire day in bed together. Turn off your phones, don’t answer any emails, and just enjoy each other’s company.

7. Chocolates all day.

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Instead of just giving a box of chocolates to your honey, stock up on chocolate candies and give them chocolates all day long! It’ll be a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget!

8. Take a trip.

If you’ve got the time and money, take your sweetheart on a Valentine’s Day weekend trip to a romantic resort or lovely bed and breakfast. It’ll be a great mini-vacay with time spent alone getting amorous. You can’t beat that!

9. Dress up.

Pull out all the stops and get dressed in your finest attire. No matter what your plans are- whether you’re going to a posh restaurant or eating a meal together at home- dressing up will make the occasion extra special. Women love getting dolled up and they’ll be sure to appreciate their man getting fancy with them.

10. Pop the question.

If you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you, there is no day better than Valentine’s Day for a romantic surprise of her life! This is the day for lovers, after all. I can’t think of a better way to profess your love than getting down on one knee and asking her the question!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! May your day be filled with romance and love!


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